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Owning a Rolex involves making sure the luxury watch is maintained properly. If something begins to malfunction, protect your investment by arranging for a Rolex repair as quickly as possible. As one would expect from a prestigious watchmaker, the process for arranging a repair is concise. The result for you is that the watch will be fully restored and capable of performing perfectly If you’re curious about how to arrange for a repair and how that repair is managed, here are some of the basics that you should know.

Where to Take Your Rolex

Not every watch repair shop is authorized to accept and evaluate Rolex watches. In fact, only personnel at a properly certified Rolex service center can perform any task related to repairs and general service. The good news is that you can take the watch to the nearest authorized Rolex affiliate or seller; the personnel there will know where the closest service centers are located and will be happy to handle the process of getting your watch to one of those centers.

Another way to find out where to take the watch is to visit the brand’s website. It’s possible to conduct a search based on your location to find the nearest authorized dealers and service centers. Offering something as simple as your zip code will be enough to bring up a listing of the closest affiliates. You can then contact one of those Rolex watch repair locations and make arrangements to get your watch to them.

Keep in mind that it’s not possible at the onset to provide an idea of the repair expense. It’s only after evaluating the watch and identifying the origin of the issue that they can tell you how much to repair a Rolex watch. Rest assured you will receive and estimate that you can approve before the actual repair gets underway.

Removing the Movement From the Case

The first step in any attempt at an authorized Rolex repair focuses on separating the movement from the case. In order to do this, the band or bracelet is first separated. The professional will use precision tools to pry the back of the case from the front and gently extract the movement. Once this is done, the process of evaluating the movement’s condition can commence.

Note that all steps involved with the repair are conducted in accordance with an official Rolex repair manual. While the steps may seem painstaking to some, the goal is to ensure that the value of your watch, as well as the performance, is protected at all times. For this reason, removing the movement is done by hand and with close attention to detail.

Disassembling the Movement

Once the movement is freed from the casing, the process of disassembling the movement will get underway. The goal is to be in a position to closely examine each of the components and evaluate their conditions. During this phase, it’s often possible to identify what’s causing the issue and begin to assemble the estimate for the repair.

The evaluation process continues until each part of the movement has been examined. If there are any parts that are no longer fully compliant with Rolex standards, those parts will be slated for replacement. Once the assessment is finished, you will receive an estimate. The work will proceed once you approve that estimate.

Cleaning All the Individual Components

All components will be cleaned to ensure there is no type of residue present. This includes the current components as well as the new ones that may be needed to restore the watch. Cleaning is considered more than mere service; it’s also a central element of any type of Rolex repair NYC that may be needed.

As with other aspects of the Rolex experience, not any type of cleaning agent will do. Rolex requires the use of authorized agents to ensure that each part is completely clean and there is nothing within those agents that could damage the parts. Once this phase of the job is done, you can rest assured that the watch will be as clean internally as it was the day it left the factory.

Replacing Damaged Parts

Generic watch components are not part of the Rolex experience. Each movement part is prepared by Rolex proper or by an authorized supplier who meets the stringent quality standards set by the company. This is good news for you, since it means each of those Rolex repair parts are original and will help maintain the value of your watch.

Even when receiving parts from an authorized source, the repair team evaluates them for use before installing them within the movements. That means if the issue with your watch happens to be a damaged crystal, you can depend on the replacement crystal being of the highest quality and free of any flaws.

The same care is taken in checking all individual replacement parts, not just those used in a typical Rolex crystal repair. While no time is wasted in the process, you can be assured that the repair is not hurried for the sake of getting things done and moving on to the next task. Rolex places a great deal of emphasis on doing things right the first time. If that involves taking a little extra time to make sure the client is getting the best, that’s what the professional will do.

Cleaning All Components

All movement components are cleaned thoroughly before the work can move forward. Currently, the process used by Rolex involves what’s known as an ultrasonic bath. This involves using a combination of a specially prepared liquid in conjunction with ultrasound waves. The goal is to ensure that any traces of impurities are removed and the integrity of the watch will remain intact.

Lubricating the Components and Reassembling the Movement

With everything cleaned and all replacement parts identified and ready, the next step is to ensure all the movement components are lubricated properly. As with all aspects of Rolex production and repair, the lubricants used meet the standards set by the company. You can depend on each part receiving the right amount of lubrication so that the movement performs at optimum efficiency.

The process of lubrication requires careful attention to detail. It also provides another opportunity to physically evaluate the condition of each component. If anything was overlooked prior to this point, it will be found during the lubrication process. If all is well, the movement components are reassembled and the next stage of the repair begins.

Refinishing the Case and the Bracelet

The movement is not the only part of the watch to receive attention. The casing and the bracelet are also in for some scrutiny. Part of knowing how to repair Rolex watch band involves looking closely at the design, identifying any flaws, and then moving on to make the necessary adjustments. Cleaning and lubrication are also involved in order to ensure the band or bracelet is in top condition.

Along with the Rolex band stretch repair, the case is also cleaned thoroughly. That’s true for the inside of the case as well as the outside. This is one more way to ensure there is no residue present that could affect the watch’s operation. Once the case is deemed clean and the Rolex band repair or servicing is finished, the professional will advance to the next step.

Reassembling the Case

Reassembling the case involves making sure the movement, the crystal, and other components are properly seated and ready for sealing. The same care that’s taken during the disassembly process is found during this stage also. At each point, the professional will stop for a moment to ensure everything is aligned properly.

Once everything is back in place, the watch is sealed. This is to ensure that it has the same qualities of water resistance that were present before. After this is done, the watch will undergo a series of tests that confirm everything is in order.

Beginning the Precision Test

First up is the precision test. This is to determine if the movement is functioning as it should. In particular, there is an emphasis on making sure the issue that led to you seeking the repair is truly resolved.

As with many tasks involved with Rolex watches, there are specific procedures to follow during the precision test. Each procedure is completed before the next one commences. This makes it easier to stop if something is not quite right, take corrective measures, and then continue.


Including the Waterproofing Test

Assuming that the watch passes the initial precision test, the watch is then subjected to a waterproofing test. This is to ensure the degree of water resistance associated with the design is optimum. In order to accomplish this, the repair professional will use a specific process that replicates the quality assurance methods used when the watch was first manufactured.

While you may think that a successful waterproofing test would mean the repair job is complete, that’s not quite true. There are a couple more steps that are taken before the watch is returned.

A Full 24 Hours of Observation

Even with successful results up to this point, the watch will undergo a full 24 hours of observation. The goal is to ensure that the watch is continuing to perform properly and any previous issues are truly resolved. This is to your advantage, since this is one of the steps that makes it possible for Rolex to issue a two-year warranty on any repairs that are made.

If anything unusual occurs during that observation period, the watch will go back through the process. You’ll be notified that there will be a delay, so there’s no issue of being left out of the loop. Along with the high quality of the Rolex repair New York, the company also places a premium on keeping clients informed.

One Final Quality and Performance Test

With the completion of the observation period, the watch is now ready for return. If you communicated directly with the authorized repair center, the watch will be returned directly to you. If you went through an authorized seller or affiliate, the watch will be forwarded to that location, allowing you to arrange for a pickup or delivery from them.

Keep in mind that while the Rolex repair cost may be more than what you would pay with lesser brands, the quality of those repairs help to protect the watch’s value as well as the accuracy and general performance. Whether you own the watch as an investment or as something you plan on keeping for the rest of your life, rest assured that cost is worth every penny.