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41 results

How Good Is Stingray Leather?

Stingray leather, also called shagreen, is harvested from certain sharks and rays. It can sometimes be sustainably sourced from stingray farms. Today, stingray leather is used for making wallets, wrapped boxes, watch straps, and most importantly, bracelets like those available in our collection of luxury jewelry accessories. Stingray leather is quite underrated among exotic leathers. It is highly durable, and it has a unique supple texture.

Is Python Leather Durable?

Python leather is one of the most sought-after snakeskin leather types on the market today. Authentic snakeskin products are rare. That is why whole items such as handbags cost as much as $15,000 each. Even faux snakeskin leather (or python-like print over genuine leather) boots cost as much as $1,500 per pair. Python skin is durable and is surprisingly supple. Moreover, they are the most durable among snakeskin leather selections.

What Is the Strongest Leather on the Market?

The strongest leather on the market is full-grain leather. It is made from the whole hide of either cow, kangaroo, or any other animal. Cowhide leather is the most available among full-grain leather. Because of this, cowhide full-grain leather is quite affordable.

Which Is Better, Crocodile Skin or Snakeskin Leather?

Crocodile skin and snakeskin leather are durable, exquisite, and beautiful. However, in the case of bracelets, the contours and suppleness of snakeskin leather, particularly python skin, give it an advantage over crocodile skin.


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