Women's & Men's Diamond Pendants

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Gold Diamond Cross Pendant PEN-2000
14k White Gold Diamond Pendant 0.35ct tdw PEN-4000 - Jewelry
Gold Diamond Cross Pendant PEN-42500 - Jewelry
Beautiful Ladies Necklace 18k White Gold 15.0CT Diamonds
18k White Gold Emerald Cut Diamond Pendant PEN-25005 -
14k Yellow Gold Diamond Torah Scroll Pendant PEN-400 -
14k White Gold Diamond Heart Pendant PEN-25000 - Charms &
14kt White Gold Ruby Pendant with 14.9ct of TDW PEN-8620 -
14kt White Gold Hand Craft Sapphire Pendant with 19.5ct of
14KT Diamond Cross Pendant CR-20250 - Charms & Pendants
18k White Gold Diamond Pendant with Blue Sapphire and 8.95ct
18kt Rose Gold Heart Shape Pendant of 5.92ct diamonds
18k White Gold Circle Diamond Pendant 0.65ct tdw APD-12152
18k White Gold Heart Diamond Pendant 3.00ct tdw APD-4446
18k White Gold Circle Diamond Pendant 0.50ct tdw APD-13081
18k White Gold Ball Diamond Pendant 1.26ct tdw APD-4795
White Gold Diamond Pendant PEN-1999
Gold Fashion Diamond Pendant PEN-750
White Gold Diamond Necklace PEN-9001
White Gold Cross Pendant features Round cut Diamonds CR-8250
Beautiful single stone pendant 14kt White Gold 0.50 ct PEN-6250
Beautiful single stone pendant 14kt White Gold 1.90 ct tw PEN-23750
Beautiful single stone pendant 14kt White Gold 1.50 ct tw PEN-18750
14kt White Gold Pendant of 17.30Ct Ruby and 2Ct diamonds PEN-13295
Cushion-Cut Amethyst with Diamond Halo Pendant Necklace PEN-1610
Ruby Pendant with Diamond Halo 14kt White Gold PE-2500
14kt White Gold 5.30Ctw Diamond Cross Pendant Necklace CR-30500
14kt White Gold 2.20Ctw Diamond Cross Pendant Necklace CR-11000
14kt White Gold 1.75Ctw Diamond Cross Pendant Necklace CRS-8000
14kt White Gold Cross Pendant of 3.18ct diamonds PEN-171650
Oval-Cut Ruby Pendant with Diamond Double Halo 18kt White Gold PEN-5750
Beautiful single stone pendant 14kt White Gold 0.70 ct tw PEN-7000
14kt White Gold Ribbon Pendant of 0.50ct diamonds PEN-2500
73 results

What Style Chain Is Best for a Pendant?

The most popular chain styles are also the simplest ones. These include curb, Figaro, box, and wheat. These more understated chain styles highlight the pendant better than intricately-designed chains. Moreover, intricately-styled chains, such as herringbone and snake chains, are not as popular because they are comparatively expensive and too delicate to carry pendants. 

What Is a Good Size Diamond for a Pendant?

If you are looking for a men's or women's diamond pendant charm that is sized to wear daily, choose one between 0.25 ct and 1.0 ct. If you want to save on cash for your diamonds, look for diamonds that are slightly lower than 1.0 ct. For instance, instead of buying a one-carat diamond for your pendant, you can buy one in the 0.95 to 0.99 ct range.

How Can You Tell That a Diamond Is Real?

While at home, you can make this simple observation to check if your diamond is real. Make a dot on a piece of paper and lay the stone on the dot with the flat side lying down. Look down onto the paper through the pointed end of the diamond. The stone is fake if you see a circular reflection inside the diamond. However, a reputable gemologist or jeweler can help verify if a diamond is genuine. You can drop by our store to help us check your diamond, especially if you plan to sell it. 

Can You Put a Pendant on Any Chain?

You can put a men's or women's diamond pendant charm on any chain. However, please note that specific chain designs, especially the most intricate styles, may not be able to carry pendants without the risk of breaking. Box chains, cable chains, curb chains, wheat chains, and Figaro chains are stylish and robust chain styles that can carry most pendant sizes available. You need to adjust the width if you opt for heavier pendants.

What Holds a Pendant to a Chain?

The part of the pendant that holds the pendant to a chain is called bail, or bale. The most popular types of bails are the lobster claw, fancy clasps, or a spring-ring. Among bail styles, the lobster claw and spring ring clasps are the most preferred because they can fit with most designs.