Sell Your Platinum Jewelry, Coins, Bars, and Other Platinum Items

We Buy Platinum Jewelry, Platinum Crucibles and Bars, and Other Platinum Items

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Sell Your Platinum Items in New York

Platinum is precious because of its rarity and intrinsic qualities. Not only is it more precious than gold, but it is also longer-lasting and heavier, with its value expected to go up.

Sell Your Platinum Items in New York

As reputed buyers of jewelry, precious metals, and platinum, we understand and appreciate the value of platinum, whether in the form of platinum crucibles and screens, US platinum coins, platinum jewelry, or platinum bars and accessories.  If you are researching where to sell your luxury platinum jewelry or any platinum items, count on Diamond Source NYC to provide you with the best prices.

We Buy Platinum Jewelry, Platinum Coins, and Other Platinum Items at a Fair Price


Diamond Source NYC prides itself on offering the best prices for your platinum coins, platinum items, loose diamonds, and luxury watches. We also have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, a GIA graduate diamond certificate, a second-hand dealer license, with experienced appraisers who buy and sell used platinum jewelry. We provide free estimates for the pieces of fine jewelry and luxury watches you bring us. Our years of experience ensure you can get a fair price for the platinum items you sell us.

Frequently Asked Questions About  Platinum


What are the most common uses of platinum in jewelry?

Platinum is less commonly seen as a material for jewelry. However, it is becoming more popular as a preferred material for engagement rings, bracelets, and necklaces. Because of its weight, platinum is seldomly used for earrings.

Why is platinum jewelry much more expensive than gold jewelry of the same design and weight?

Aside from the intrinsic value of platinum, platinum is usually available for jewelry making in its pure form. On the other hand, the purest form that gold is feasible to be made into jewelry at 18kt. Moreover, it takes much more effort and resources to process jewelry from platinum. 

Does platinum have other uses aside from jewelry and coins?

Yes. Aside from being used for jewelry, platinum has several practical uses:

In the pharmaceutical industry, platinum compounds are crucial components in medicines used for chemotherapy.

In electronics, platinum is used as the ideal electrode because of its corrosion resistance and conductive efficiency.

Because of its corrosion resistance, platinum is the preferred material for wiring pacemakers to ensure their reliability for a long time.

In the automotive industry, platinum-tipped sparkplugs are preferred for high-performance cars. Moreover, these types of sparkplugs can last for 100,000 miles.

Choosing Diamond Source as the Buyer for Platinum Items


Diamond Source is a reputable buyer and trader of platinum coins, platinum jewelry, platinum screens, and platinum bars, among others. We have experienced appraisers to ensure you get a fair price for your platinum items that is on par with their current market value. Rest assured that you will get an honest assessment and cash during the same visit.


Diamond Source NYC is a platinum jewelry buyer. Among the brands we love the most, you will find:

Our staff at Diamond Source NYC provides the best buying and selling experience for luxury watches, jewelry, gold coins, platinum items, and loose diamonds in New York and beyond. We also pride ourselves on the ease and professionalism we provide to our clients while taking out collateral loans and selling precious items, such as platinum jewelry and gold coins. We offer free jewelry appraisal in NYC for your piece if you are looking for a hassle-free way to get cash quickly for your valuable item. Best of all, you can get your money within the same visit.




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