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31 results

Custom Gold and Diamond Watches for Sale

Watch enthusiasts are always on the lookout for a genuinely standout luxury watch that can elevate their entire wardrobe when they put it on. People take great pride in the timepieces they put on their wrists and want to do everything possible to take them to the next level. Finding custom watches that meet these standards can make your quest for luxury diamond watches challenging. When you need a custom timepiece, Diamond Source NYC is here to help you find the custom-made watches of your dreams.

We offer one of the greatest collections of custom gold and diamond watches for sale in NYC. These masterpieces are crafted with precision and beauty, giving you a unique and custom look for your next watch. Diamond Source NYC offers a wide range of custom options at a reasonable cost, including custom Rolex watches and timepieces from other luxury brands. Look at our collection of custom designs to find the perfect opportunity for you.

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Buying a Custom Diamond Watch in New York City? We’re Here to Help!

Personalized watches can help match your ideal aesthetic to the tiniest detail, but finding a reputable jewelry store that can help guide you through the differences between a custom diamond bezel and the intricate design flourishes that makes a custom watch truly unique is challenging. However, our experienced team can help ensure you leave with a beautiful watch that defies expectations and leaves you with a gorgeous statement piece for your next society soiree.

Luxury diamond watches are exceptional products built to provide you with a lifetime of enjoyment. The more intricate the timepiece is, the more customized it will be. Finding the perfect custom design to match your taste can be difficult, but with our extensive collection and knowledgeable team, you can find the ideal option inside the Diamond Source NYC custom gold and diamond watches collection.

When you begin browsing through our robust collections of luxury custom timepieces, you’ll have the pick of the finest watch brands on the market. Our custom-made watches include options from the following brands:

A Unique Addition to Your Wardrobe

Custom gold and diamond watches are the perfect way to add a one-of-a-kind design to your wardrobe. With every design’s unmatched craftsmanship, these timeless options will withstand the test of time. Made with the best materials available in the market, every custom diamond watch in our collection is designed to give you a sophisticated and unique look.

To find the right custom diamond or gold watch in New York, start by creating a list of what matters the most in your preferences. For example, do you prefer one brand over the others? Are you looking for a specific number of diamond studs to cultivate the perfect luxury wardrobe? Or are you seeking a particular case design? These are all crucial aspects to consider in your search for a custom diamond or gold watch that is perfect for you.

Need assistance matching your unique style and luxury needs? Contact us to get in touch with a Diamond Source NYC team member today.

Refined and Elegant Gold and Diamond Watches

Custom gold and diamond watches allow you to take your accessories and elevate them to a new level of refinement that you never thought possible. We work with our clients to find the styles, brands, and diamond carat weight that fits their personal style exactly. So whether this is your first custom-designed watch or you have a robust collection of diamond watches, we have you covered.

Our knowledgeable staff can ensure you get the finest quality custom diamond bezel on your next watch and ensure your new custom watch meets and exceeds your every expectation. From yellow gold to the highest diamond carat weight you can imagine, we’ll ensure your experience with our high-end jewelry store is one you’ll never forget.

Customized Watches for the Perfect Match

When you begin your search for genuinely exceptional customized watches, finding a purveyor of the finest brands can feel like climbing Mount Everest. An experienced guide who can lead you through the options and find the perfect match for your custom diamond watch needs is more important than ever.

Since our founding in 2000, we have worked with thousands of clients to find their ideal custom gold and diamond watches to complete their personal collections. When you choose Diamond Source NYC, you gain access to a knowledgeable team with a robust selection of the highest-quality personalized watches on the market. We work with our clients to ensure they always find their perfect match!

Trust Diamond Source NYC With Your Next Custom Timepiece

Taking your personal watch and accessory game to the next level doesn’t have to be impossible. The right jeweler can help match you to the custom diamond watch of your dreams and ensure you find an elegant choice for your unique needs. We work with each customer to get to know their preferences and find the brands that match their tendencies and preferences.

When you visit our store or browse our online inventory, you’ll see our vast selection of customized gold and diamond watches you can be proud of having on your wrist. Contact our team and begin your quest for the best customized diamond watches today!


"Great prices and selection … prices were better than you can find online which made the process very very easy. Not many stores have the Diamond Watches selection, this store does AND yet still has great service and pricing"