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Are Wedding Bands Supposed To Match?

Traditionally speaking, yes. Men's and women's wedding bands are supposed to match. Being committed to each other on the altar, the wedding formalizes the union between two different persons to become one unit. Matching wedding bands is one symbol of this union and serves as a silent statement of the couple's commitment to each other. However, many recent matches have seen a shift in preference to either mixed wedding bands or a compromise. The union may, after all, be between two opposites. The man might want a wedding band that has a simple design, while the woman prefers an eternity band covered in diamonds. The case for mixing wedding bands may work for couples who love each other unconditionally despite their differences. Some couples opt for a compromise in design. Each wedding band may have a different choice of metal or matching designs, one jewel-encrusted and the other plain. The answer is that you can match your wedding bands if you want to, but you may not if you don't. Loving your spouse and the ring you have on your finger is what matters, even if the ring you wear is different from the one your spouse wears.

Can a Wedding Band Have Diamonds?

Wedding bands having a thin band of inlaid diamonds are a popular trend recently. A wedding band need not be plain. Some wedding bands opt for different tones of gold or combine white and yellow gold. Your wedding ring choice depends on your preference for comfort and style. With a typical wedding band width for women being 2 to 4 millimeters, some prefer having the middle or the edges encircled with diamonds to give a ring a gorgeous look. Matching diamond wedding bands look suitable for both the husband and wife.

When Should You Pick Out Wedding Bands?

The perfect time to look for wedding bands is about three to four months before the wedding. The time allotted should be enough to make ring resizing possible if necessary. You also have to ensure that your jeweler can provide you with the wedding bands about one month before the wedding ceremony. Traditionally, the bride and groom select their wedding bands together. However, as mentioned in answer to a previous question, the wedding bands may not necessarily match.

Are Wedding Bands Gold or Silver?

The traditional metal of choice for wedding bands has been gold for centuries. Wedding bands 14kt or 18kt are almost maintenance-free and can hold on to their shine for a long time. However, wedding bands made of silver are a choice for some couples as a cost-savings measure. Often they replace their wedding bands with gold later on once their budget permits it. 

Can Wedding Rings Be Made Bigger?

Yes. The fit of a wedding band can often be snugger than that of an engagement ring. This is often the case when you get a wedding ring that is wider than the standard size of the ring. You have an option to enlarge a straight-cut or rounded wedding ring. By adding a filler stone, you can increase the size of the ring.