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Refund & Return Policy

PLEASE BE AWARE: All sales are final , once order is processed , there is No refunds, unless the watch is not as advertised as far as condition, color, size etc. 

We here at Diamond Source NYC strive to make every customer happy with the purchase. It doesn’t matter whether you bought an inexpensive accessory or super expensive luxury watch, here at Diamond Source NYC we treat every single customer with exceptional care. If the Item is Not as advertised, you have the option of an Exchange .

Moreover, in case you decided to exchange your purchase, we will help you on every step of the process to make it as smoothly as possible.

Just give us a call at 1-888-342-9949 or send us an email at and we will send you pre-paid FedEx shipping label with fully covered insurance in order to make sure that you will not take any responsibility if something happens during the transportation.

By using our return shipping label, we make sure the item will be delivered to us on the next business day, so we will be able to refund you the same day it’s returned.

Return and refund of PayPal orders

All orders paid through PayPal are eligible for return in accordance with PayPal Return Policy.

If your order was paid through PayPal, due to its changes in Account User Agreement in field of Refund Policy, starting October 11th 2019, the exact* processing fees will not be refunded.

* exact processing fee might differ from the one shown in order details if you do commit international payment.

Items with factory stickers and/or non-removable tags

There are items that still might have factory stickers or non-removable tags on. We do not recommend you remove those stickers before you finalize your decision. In general, removing of a factory stickers and/or non-removable tags might cause up to 20% loss of item’s value and decrease its resalability. Therefore, such stickers or tags must not be removed in order to be eligible for a full refund. Every case with removed factory stickers and/or non-removable tags, will be processed on case-by-case basis.

General Return Guideline:

  1. Please get in touch with us to let us know you’re willing to return your item. We will provide you with detailed instructions and will send you pre-paid FedEx shipping label.
  2. Pack the item you’re willing to return into its original package, just like it came to you and don’t forget to include all accompanied materials, such as paperwork, booklets, manuals, hang-tags, stickers, warranty cards, gemological reports, appraisal reports, receipts or invoices etc.
  3. Make sure you double-boxed your item, just to eliminate a possibility package is damaged during the transportation. Please use new outer shipping box, as used one doesn’t keep its structure properly and can be destroyed in transit.
  4. Print-out FedEx shipping label provided by us and attach it to the outer box.
  5. Drop-off the package at the nearest FedEx location.
  6. Get your refund once return is delivered and we have inspected the item. Don’t worry, in most cases we refund the same day item is delivered to us.

Got any more questions or concerns?

Call us at 1-888-342-9949