The Rolex Yacht Master II is a Precise Racing Instrument

Whether you plan to race boats or just want a precise luxury watch that is water resistant, the Rolex Yacht Master II can meet your needs. This high-quality watch shows the high status of its wearer with a beautiful design and has instruments intended to be perfect for boat races and other events when precision is necessary. Finding a Rolex Yacht Master II for sale can be a challenge if you are bargain hunting, but a used market does exist for your needs.

Finding a Rolex Yacht Master II in New York

New York has many great deals on Rolex watches, and many people hit the streets to search for somebody who can sell them a Rolex Yacht Master II in NYC. Be sure to check customer reviews when you can and to hold the Yacht Master II in your hands before you buy if possible. The weight of a Rolex is one way to tell the real thing apart from forgeries, so a chance to see and feel a Rolex Yacht Master II in New York before a purchase is a valuable thing. If ordering online, a reliable dealer has positive customer feedback and can provide you with a Yacht-Master II in NYC that matches exactly what you need. Staying educated and aware of the features of a Rolex Yacht Master II 44 mm can help you buy the right Yacht-Master II in New York.

Features of the Yacht Master II

A Yacht Master II for sale is designed to appeal to people who hit the regatta quite often. The watch is designed not with a traditional clock face but as a stopwatch that can be worn on your wrist with all the luxury and features of a typical Rolex. Before a race, you move the bezel into proper position to program a countdown. You then use the crown to complete programming of the countdown. This allows for precise timekeeping, whether you are timing a race or wish to keep your eye on how fast your own boat is going. There are many other possible features for the Yacht Master II, but it primarily serves as a tool for boat races.

Buying a Yacht Master II

A typical Rolex Yacht Master II price ranges from about $15,000 to $40,000 or more. You can choose multiple different face and band colors to customize the watch, but the price remains the same regardless of color. This means that the Rolex Yacht Master II gold costs about the same as the Rolex Yacht Master II white gold. Of course, certain features, such as the addition of diamonds to a Yacht Master II gold, might drive the price up. At the price point of a typical Rolex, you should think about what you specifically want and then browse for a Rolex Oyster Perpetual Yacht Master II price that fits into your range.

The Yacht Master II is a precision instrument that is well worth the price if you plan to race boats or need a luxury stopwatch for a similar reason. Shopping around can get you a great deal in New York City.


"Excellent Service from Russ. He patiently answered all my questions and made sure that I received the watch in Asia. I have been very pleased with the way this transaction was handled. Adore my new Rolex Yacht-Master II"