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569 results

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Are Diamond Rings a Good Investment?

According to an article by Finbold published earlier this year, the value of the dollar has eroded by 86% in the last fifty years. The same cannot be said about diamonds. In a fifty-year trend covering most of the same period, the historical wholesale price of one-carat D-colored diamonds steadily rose to ten times its dollar value between 1960 and 2011. Though so much has been said about the relative abundance of diamonds, a lot of work goes into a gem-quality loose diamond. For instance, most people prefer stones with a length-to-width ratio of around 0.90:1, which looks fatter. These stones tend to fetch a higher price than those with identical weight. Considering the 4 C's (color, clarity, cut, and carat weight) in diamond valuation, the best quality diamonds from the most reputable dealers DO fetch a high price and hold that price quite well even through periods of economic downturn. 

Are Diamond Rings Worth It?

As far as gifts go, nothing expresses and symbolizes your never-ending love for your special someone as diamond jewelry does. The value of diamonds significantly transcends the dollars it costs to purchase them, once they are cut and set in jewelry to enhance their innate beauty. A tremendous amount of work goes into each piece, first by nature and then by skilled jewelers, to provide you with an extraordinary, profound, and truly memorable expression of your love. 

Can Men Wear Diamond Rings?

A diamond is the perfect symbol of strength and endurance. A perfectly crafted diamond band ring speaks volumes about the man wearing it. Worn by kings and other men of note, a signet ring is one of the most enduring men’s jewelry pieces. Traditionally, these rings bear the symbol of the wearer sealing or signing important documents. Today, it lives on as a ring that contains precious stones such as diamonds. 

Can Diamond Rings Be Worn Every Day?

Yes, gold and diamond rings can be worn every day. However, be mindful of the occasions for which you choose to wear them, especially rings with diamonds weighing 3 carats or more. Even in the safest cities, it can still be risky to flaunt your jewelry. There are men's and women's diamond band rings available in our inventory with understated designs that are perfect for daily wear.

Can Diamond Rings Get Scratched?

Despite being the hardest substance in the world, like anything precious, you should still be careful when you wear your diamond ring. The only substance hard enough to scratch a diamond is another diamond.  The metal parts of your ring will scratch more readily than the diamond. Although the chances of scratching a diamond ring are scarce, you still need to protect your diamond ring from being hit by any hard object because of the risk of knocking the diamond out of the setting and losing it.


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