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How to Sell a Watch

Where to Sell Watches in NYC

Wondering where to sell your luxury watch in NYC? Diamond Source NYC is your best choice for selling luxury watches. We offer a comfortable selling experience, quick appraisal, competitive pricing, and a cash payout in the same visit. We have been the most trusted luxury watch dealer and buyer in New York for decades, and our team will be able to provide a fair price for your timepiece.

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Our experienced appraisers know what to look for when you sell your luxury watch to provide a fair price that reflects the current market value of your luxury watch. In addition, we have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, a second-hand dealer license, and our GIA graduate diamond certificate. As a result, you can trust our professional appraisers to give you a fair price for every luxury watch you are looking to sell.

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Our reputation as one of the best luxury watch dealers will make you never have to wonder where to sell luxury watches in NYC again. We purchase a wide variety of luxury brands like Rolex, Patek Philippe, Hublot, Audemars Piguet, IWC, Omega, and Vacheron Constantin. We will appraise all luxury watches of all tiers, from entry-level to high-end. If you are interested in selling watches for the highest value, choose Diamond Source NYC.

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The Most Trusted Luxury Watch Buyer in New York City

When you’re looking for a watch appraisal, find a luxury watch buyer with an established reputation for fair and accurate assessments of their timepieces. Since 2000, we have worked with countless clients, from distinguished watch enthusiasts to people with expansive collections, and helped with selling their watches for the best price they could get. We work with you throughout the entire process to ensure you have the utmost confidence in the final price.

Diamond Source NYC is the first choice for buying and selling your watches in NYC. We offer a streamlined selling process, including fair prices, full watch inspections, and quick appraisals for your luxury timepieces. Our talented staff have decades of experience in the luxury watch industry and will be able to give a fair assessment of your valued timepiece. We are familiar with all luxury brands and models and offer a quick, hassle-free cash payout to every customer looking to sell. If you are interested in selling a luxury watch, choose Diamond Source NYC. We are the luxury watch buyers you can trust.

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Why Choose Diamond Source NYC

At Diamond Source NYC, we stand above the competition with our superior customer service and expert team of appraisers to help you sell your pre-owned watches for top dollar. Our team works diligently to make your visit as comfortable as possible. Diamond Source NYC offers friendly multilingual experts that can help Spanish, Russian, Polish, Mandarin, and Cantonese-speaking guests complete their luxury watch sale and answer any questions they may have. Our team will also help answer any questions about the appraisal process and help you understand the pricing of your timeless watch.

At Diamond Source NYC, we want to make every visit to our office comfortable, and we provide a stress-free and safe environment to help. With modern, comfortable valuation rooms, you can relax while your timepiece is appraised. If you have questions before your visit, you can contact us by email at or call us at (212) 730-5959, and one of our experts will be happy to assist you.

Here at Diamond Source NYC, our watch appraisers are certified to help you get the best price on the market for your luxury brand-name watches. We understand each watch’s unique history, craftsmanship, and value while providing a fair price that reflects this. Diamond Source NYC has decades of experience handling luxury watches and knows what to look for in appraising each luxury watch we purchase. We provide free appraisals to help promote a welcoming environment, and if you aren’t satisfied with the offer, there is no pressure from our team to complete the sale. We are upfront with our quotes, and our final offers have no hidden fees or commissions deducted. Our goal is to help you sell your luxury watch at a price you are completely satisfied with.

Whether you are an avid watch collector looking for cash to purchase a legacy watch to add to your collection or someone who wants to make your assets work for you, Diamond Source NYC is the perfect place to sell your luxury watch in New York. With decades of experience selling and trading luxury watches, you can rest assured that you will get the best prices on the market for your luxury watch.

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Our Expertise in Watch Appraisals

A luxury watch is a substantial investment. With Diamond Source NYC, you don't have to worry about your luxury watch being undervalued by unscrupulous watch appraisers. We will help you get a fair price for it. We are transparent with our clients in sharing the real value of your timepiece, especially if your item is an exceptional timepiece from one of the most prestigious watch brands in the world.

Diamond Source NYC prides itself on offering the best prices for your jewelry, loose diamonds, and luxury watches. We also have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, a GIA graduate diamond certificate, a second-hand dealer license, and decades of combined experience buying jewelry and luxury watches. In addition, we provide free estimates for the pieces of fine jewelry and luxury watches you bring us. So, if you want to know how to sell a Hublot watch at the maximum value, a Richard Mille watch, or any other fine watch at the best price, Diamond Source NYC is the best place to go when you need to sell your pre-owned watches.

If You Want to Know How to Sell a Watch to Maximize Its Value: Please Follow the Following Tips:

Ensure That You Have Complete Documentation

To ensure 100% authenticity, we strongly require you to provide the available documentation of the timepiece you bring us. For instance, when you sell Rolex in NYC, you should have the receipt or the certification of authenticity. The same goes for when you sell Patek Philippe watches or any other Swiss watch brand. Not only will documentation such as receipts, service history, and certificates boost the value of your watch, but it can also help us provide a fair appraisal for your timepiece more quickly.

Keep Your Watch in Excellent Condition

If your timepiece is missing essential components or is substantially damaged, it will cause a significant drop in the price of your item. Though specific models are acceptable despite signs of wear, timepieces are generally appraised by having original replacement parts and being functional and in good physical condition. In rare cases, when you sell a Rolex, NYC appraisers recognize authentic parts for worn cases and pay a premium for those watches.

Be Aware of the Market Value of Your Watch

As reputed watch buyers, we ensure that we know your timepiece's value. With knowledgeable appraisers, you don't have to worry about being shortchanged when it comes to the value of your watch. However, it pays to have a 100% awareness of the market value, history, and uniqueness of the timepiece you would like to sell. For example, your watch could be an heirloom model or a piece from a limited production run. As expert jewelers, we can also provide a fair appraisal if you want to sell diamond watches.

How Are Luxury Watches Valued

Looking to sell your Rolex watch? How about selling your Patek Phillippe watch? You are in luck. The brand of the watch plays a significant role in the value of the watch. Established brands have watches that last generations, which can drive a higher resale value. Brands like Rolex, Patek Philippe, Omega, Jaeger-Le Coultre, Breitling, and TAG Heuer tend to hold their value the best in the luxury watch industry. These top brands have large followings, which means people are willing to pay more to buy into the acclaim that comes with these luxury names.


Luxury watches are made with some of the finest materials on earth. Some are gold-plated or include a diamond-covered bezel to showcase their luxury designs. The materials used to build a watch can also be a point of distinction for some brands. Some luxury watch brands like Rolex make their own gold. Rolex even has its own shade of rose gold, Everose. Platinum is the highest-valued material, then gold and stainless steel.

Complex Designs

Watchmaking is an art form that requires extreme precision and years of dedication. Part of owning a luxury design is the assurance that your timepiece will perform flawlessly for years. The complexity of these designs often results in a higher price point. Each tick in a watch could be the result of millions of dollars and years of developing its exact technology. This all results in a higher price point for your favorite luxury designs.


Every watch has a story behind it, and those with a significant history can be valued higher. Just as an art collector will pay more for an authentic Picasso, watches hold similar value for the experiences they’ve lived through. If a watch was worn by an important figure in history, it could also affect the asking price upon resale. It is important to note that if a watch has an amazing story from a figure recognized by a niche crowd, it might have limited monetary value. A watch associated with a highly-recognized celebrity may be valued at a higher price than the watch would be otherwise.


Luxury watches are expensive to produce, and every model is released in limited quantities. Therefore, the more exclusive a design is, the more expensive it will be. This is especially true for the more sought-after designs, which can affect the resale value significantly. In addition, many luxury watch brands are hand-finished, so they can only create so many in a given year, increasing this scarcity.

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Best Way to Sell a Watch is Through Diamond Source NYC

Diamond Source NYC is a reputable buyer and trader of luxury watches. We are very honest about how much your watch is worth. We value our reputation for professionalism, honesty, and seller/buyer experience more than squeezing a little more profit from the watch you would like to sell. We are one of the few watch buyers who accurately and fairly determine the expected base price for your watch through a full watch inspection.

Sell Your Pre-Owned Watches With Diamond Source NYC

If you are looking for the best place to sell your Rolex, Panerai, Breitling, or Cartier watches, you’ve come to the right place! These are the brands we love to buy.

Our staff at Diamond Source NYC provides the best buying and selling experience for luxury watches, jewelry, and loose diamonds in New York and beyond. We also pride ourselves on the ease and professionalism we provide to our clients during the process of taking out collateral loans. So if you are looking for a hassle-free way to get cash quickly, just bring in your valuable items, and you can get your money within minutes.

When looking for where to sell watches in NYC, there is no better option than Diamond Source NYC. We make the process convenient with quick appraisals and same-day cash payouts. Don’t forget to bring your timepiece’s receipt or the certification of authenticity to ensure this process is as smooth as possible. We pride ourselves on our superior customer experience, and every guest is taken care of the moment they step through our doors. We ensure that all transactions are private and that no paperwork is needed to complete a sale. Our process to sell your watch is transparent and professional from start to finish to ensure you have the best selling experience possible.

With a visit to Diamond Source NYC, you will never wonder where the best place to sell watches in NYC is again.

We are located in Midtown at 20 W 47th Street, Ste 401, New York, NY, 10036, United States.

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