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Luxury watches are a wonderful indulgence, especially when options like Rolex provide not only excellent fashion but also long-term precision and durability. Unfortunately, the cost of a luxury watch can be prohibitive, even to those who could use such a commodity in their personal or professional lives. Luckily, pre-owned watches offer a way to enjoy fine quality without paying an overly extravagant price. All you need to do is identify a reliable seller of certified pre-owned luxury watches, like Diamond Source NYC.

Inspecting Used Watches

The demand for luxury watches has unfortunately spawned a significant counterfeit market. Many sellers of pre owned mens watches find themselves accidentally carrying counterfeits of a high enough quality even to fool people who handle luxury watches for a living. Not all counterfeits are such high-quality, though. When you search for pre owned Swiss watches, you can judge the authenticity of a watch based on its weight and the precision of its features. Luxury watches have a heft to them that comes from high-quality materials, so a very light watch is suspicious. Stampings and engravings on the watch should also be uniform and precise—unusual or inconsistent font is a good way to spot a counterfeit.

Identifying Good Sellers

Forming a trustworthy relationship with a seller who offers certified pre-owned luxury watches for sale is the best way to get a line on affordable piece. Ideally, you should look for somebody who offers certified pre owned watches. The certification means that the seller is willing to stake their reputation on the quality of the product. Finding a seller of pre owned watches in NYC that can accurately identify the elements of a forgery is also helpful. This means that the seller is less likely to be fooled and can help steer you away from potential counterfeits and toward luxury watches that will truly enhance your lifestyle.

Which Watch for You?

Once you have identified a seller who can offer you certified pre-owned luxury watches, it comes down to a matter of which watch fits your lifestyle best. Rolex is the standby for many, as it has a reputation stretching back 100 years that has not faltered in all that time. Other popular luxury watch brands include Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, and Tag Heuer, among others. More than the brand, you should consider the style of watch you want. This might include additional features such as a day and date display, or you might want to opt for even more luxury with diamonds set in the band or face of the watch. Think about the features you want, then search for a used watch that fits your desires.

Finding the right luxury watch may take time. However, you should stay focused and only compromise when you are convinced that the concession will still give you a watch you need. Once you identify a seller you trust, pay a visit now and then to see if any used watches have come in. As long as you know what you need, the right watch is worth waiting for.


"I was Skeptical at first since I've never sold watches before, but Igor provided me with a excellent service. Gave me a very reasonable price and we even talked about watches a little bit. Great times, I will recommend Diamond Source as a reliable seller of pre-owned luxury watches!."