Are you seeking a unique, timeless engagement ring that encapsulates your love and affection for your partner? Diamond Source NYC has the best collection of men’s and women’s engagement rings in NYC. Shopping with us gives you access to hundreds of unique designs your partner will surely adore. New York City has endless locations to propose to the love of your life, and our rings will surely make the moment last forever. We have a wide range of custom engagement rings for sale that fit into various styles and preferences that you and your partner will adore.

Whether you are proposing in front of an iconic spot like the Empire State Building, the Rockefeller Center, Central Park, the Brooklyn Bridge, or another beautiful space important to your relationship, you can find the perfect men’s and women’s engagement ring for the moment with Diamond Source NYC.

Our women’s diamond engagement rings come in various shapes and styles, so you can find the one that epitomizes the feelings of your love. Our diamond experts can assist your buying journey to help you discover the diamond engagement ring design that is perfect for you. Engagement rings are some of the most valuable pieces of jewelry because of the meaning behind them. The value truly transcends the cost of purchasing them. A tremendous amount of work goes into every elegant engagement ring in our collection. Our engagement rings for women or men’s engagement rings are crafted by skilled jewelers with rare materials thousands of years in the making. We are here to provide you with a breathtaking work of art to truly show your love and affection.

We offer a comprehensive collection of timeless designs that will show your love for years to come. While diamonds are the most common centerpiece in gold engagement rings, we offer plenty of unique engagement rings for women that display other breathtaking gemstones as the centerpiece. Your design should reflect your partner’s individual tastes and personality, and our collection of engagement rings will offer something for every shopper ready to express their love.

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Our Alluring Collection of Unique Engagement Rings

The engagement ring has a long tradition that goes back to the Ancient Egyptians, who believed that the "vein of love" at the top of the ring finger connects directly to the heart. As the hardest substance known to man, the Ancient Greeks called diamonds "Adamas," which means unconquerable. The diamond has since been identified as a symbol of everlasting love and marriage. Archduke Maximilian of Austria commissioned the first recorded engagement ring with a diamond in 1477 for his betrothed, Mary of Burgundy. Today, the diamond ring is the ultimate symbol to mark an engagement as official, and the brilliance of a piece radiates the love and commitment of the engaged couple.

We have something for every preference, from solitaire engagement rings, three-stone diamond engagement rings, pear-shaped engagement rings, and Halo engagement rings. So browse through our inventory and find the symbol of your love today!

Timeless Engagement Ring Designs

When you’re looking for engagement rings for sale that stand out from the crowd and showcase the timeless nature of your love, you need something that captures its essence perfectly. We offer our clientele a wide range of styles that you’ll come to cherish and can hand down to future generations, including:

Handcrafted Custom Engagement Rings

Your love represents something pure and unique in a world where it can feel by the numbers in how we interact with each other. Custom engagement rings can help capture these unique feelings and help showcase precisely what makes your bond truly special. From solitaire engagement rings to three-stone diamond engagement rings to pear-shaped engagement rings and Halo engagement rings, you can find a handcrafted style that precisely fits you and your partner’s love.

FAQ About Men’s and Women’s Engagement Rings

Can Engagement Rings Have Colored Stones?

Engagement rings are not just limited to diamonds and can have colored stones. The announcement of the engagement of the current Prince of Wales, William, and his betrothed, Kate, came with a unique engagement ring that once belonged to Diana, the late Princess of Wales, had a sapphire stone. The stone choices of engagement rings can depend on the wearer's preference and style. The most popular options of stones apart from diamonds are sapphire, emerald, amethyst, and topaz. These colored stones usually come with a pair of diamonds or are surrounded by brilliant-cut diamonds. Diamonds are also available in different colors. We typically have a selection of yellow diamonds for our engagement rings.

Can Engagement Rings Be Resized?

We know there will be instances when engagement rings may not fit your beloved’s finger, and we can work with you to size the ring for a perfect fit. Please contact us as soon as you encounter this problem; we will gladly help you.

Can Engagement Rings Be Silver?

The primary advantage of using silver as the choice of metal for your engagement ring is its affordability. However, we recommend you select sterling silver over fine silver because it does not tarnish as quickly. However, sterling silver engagement rings require more maintenance than white or yellow gold engagement rings. Nevertheless, some couples may choose sterling silver for their engagement rings for its affordability and make plans to upgrade the metal to gold later on.

Should I Wear My Engagement Ring on My Wedding Day?

Yes, you may wear your gold engagement ring on your wedding day. However, to prevent your wedding ring from upstaging your wedding band, which is usually of a simpler design, you may wear your engagement ring on your right hand. By placing your engagement ring on your right hand, the wedding ring can be placed on the left hand's ring finger during the wedding ceremony at its traditional position "closest to the heart."

Browse our collection of unique engagement rings for men and women. Choose princess cut, marquise cut, heart cut, pear cut, and other shapes, and choose from any gold karat, including 14k, 18k gold, or platinum.

Design your own diamond engagement ring by clicking here. You can also pick out your wedding rings in our NYC store.

Why Choose Diamond Source NYC for Men’s and Women’s Engagement Rings

When you’re looking for the perfect engagement ring for your loved one, you want a jewelry store with a proven track record and sterling reputation to find the ideal fit. Diamond Source NYC has been the Big Apple’s go-to source for visually stunning and exceptional engagement rings for men and women since 2000. We have built our reputation on providing exceptional service, gorgeous women’s wedding bands, and a wedding ring that you can truly be proud of.

From a one-of-a-kind diamond band to a stunning white gold setting, we have you covered. Browse our selection of men’s and women’s engagement rings and wedding bands today!