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Rolex Date 34 Watches For Sale

If you’ve been trying to figure out whether the date 34 is the perfect watch for you then stay tuned for this in-depth Rolex Date 34mm review.

Rolex Date 34 Models: Timeless and Classic Design

New Rolex releases are always exciting and often grab headlines. However, learning about models from the brand’s current collection such as the Rolex Date is useful so you can decide which one is the best investment for you. While the Date models have been discontinued by the manufacturer, they are quite popular on the preowned luxury watches market. Rolex date models were first made during the 1930s.

As the name implies the Date 34 also commonly referred to as the Rolex Oyster Perpetual date is equipped with a 34mm case. This distinct luxury timepiece features the Cyclops duo lens and the signature date on the face of the watch. Over the years, the Rolex date 34 has undergone major changes. For instance, earlier models from the fifties ran on the Caliber 1030 which refers to the self-winding movement. The Caliber 1030 was made famous for its 18,000 BPH movement. In the sixties, the date adopted the Caliber 1565 and 1575. The most recent Rolex Oyster Perpetual date utilizes the popular Caliber 3165 which is an automatic movement.

Rolex Date 34 on wrist at first glance appears to be a ladies' watch because of its small 34mm diameter case that’s void of a crown which is considered diminutive compared to luxury timepieces on the market today. Despite its smaller cases, this is a unisex watch. Yet, some of the newer models are designed with a thicker case and lug as well as a domed bezel which makes up for its modest design. 

Rolex Date 34 VS. Datejust 36 - Similar Yet Different

What about Rolex Date 34 vs. Datejust 36? The Rolex date 34 is often mistaken for the DateJust 36 because there are several similarities between the two.

At first glance, it may seem as if there aren’t any differences between the Rolex oyster perpetual date 34 and the Datejust 36. After all, both models are equipped with the classic Oyster case with the signature date aperture at the 3 o'clock position complete with the trademark Cyclops lens.

What sets the date 34 and the Datejust 36 is the size of the case. The date 34mm case is smaller than the Datejust 36mm case. However, about four years ago Rolex released new Oyster Perpetual models in updated sizes. The date 34 Rolex has undergone several cosmetic modifications. Modern Oyster cases are designed with 18ct white gold or platinum. The traditional 34mm case is now available in a variety of sizes including 36mm, 39mm, and 41mm.

From the Rolex Date 34 oystersteel to the Datejust 36 yellow gold both models have a plethora of style options. These diverse offerings appeal to all kinds of buyers with different tastes. 

How To Choose The Right Rolex Date 34

As one of Rolex’s classic models, the Date 34 oyster perpetual is the manufacturer’s most basic watch and it’s the ideal entry level timepiece whether you just want the Rolex name on your wrist or you’re looking for a simple watch that’s crafted from high-quality materials. While the date 34 is a luxury timepiece it’s neither a dress-watch nor a sport’s watch. It’s a casual watch that can be paired with professional attire or your favorite hoodie on the weekends.

The Rolex date 34 can be purchased in several different forms as well as bezel and bracelet varieties. Of course, you can get this luxury watch in many of the traditional colors such as the Rolex Date 34 Gold, Rolex Date 34 Oystersteel, Rolex Date 34 Diamond, and the Rolex Date 34 Jubilee. In addition, buyers have the option of combining the traditional colors with vivid dial colors such as the Rolex Date 34 black, Rolex Date 34 blue, and the Rolex Date 34 pink. The dial color adds a wow factor to these simple yet elegant watches.

Rolex Date 34 Price - How Much Can You Expect to Pay?

The average Rolex Date 34 price is approximately $6,600 when purchased new and about $5,100 on the preowned market. The Rolex date 34 is one of Rolex’s most affordable watches. However, the aforementioned base price can significantly increase if you’re interested in customizing the watch with diamonds or other expensive precious stones; the price may also increase if you are looking for a specific Date 34 hard to find.

Modern Rolex date 34 oystersteel models are fitted on the iconic Oyster bracelet while older models are designed with Jubliee bracelets which depending on the retailer can cost more money. Stainless steel models are often less expensive date 34 watches that are designed with an 18ct white gold bezel. The addition of a diamond dial can greatly increase costs.

Finding A Reputable Watch Retailer

Whether you are in the market for a plain jane Rolex oyster perpetual date 34 or a Rolex date 34 diamond it’s important to do business with a reputable watch retailer. No doubt, as a consumer you should get the best value for your hard-earned money. When you’re on the hunt for a luxury timepiece like the Rolex date 34mm, it helps to have a color preference in mind.

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