Rolex Presidential Watches For Sale

Understanding What Makes the Rolex President Such a Popular Option

As you consider different types of luxury watches, the Rolex Presidential is likely to catch your eye. In fact, this has been a popular choice among collectors and first-time buyers for more than seven decades. What is it about this watch that makes it such an enduring choice? Here’s some background on the Presidential Rolex watch that will help you understand.

A Little History About How the President Came to Be

A good place to begin is by exploring the history of the rolex gold presidential. First introduced in 1956, it was known as the Day Date. As the name implies, this new luxury watch offered what was a novel feature for the time. Instead of a single window on the dial that provided the date or the day, this one sported two windows. There was one displaying the date and one showing the day of the week.

While that was far from being the only distinctive feature of the new watch, it was one that tended to make it popular from the very beginning. Sales were excellent during the first year, and showed no signs of letting up for the remainder of the decade. Today, these watches remain popular with collectors and are worth more than at any time in the past.

Distinctive Features That Spurred the Popularity

Along with the two windows displaying the day of the week and the date, there was also something new and different about the bracelet. It sported a three-link design that made use of a series of semi-circular links arranged in a specific pattern. The look was only part of the reason that what would become known as the Rolex President bracelet was such a hit. The fact that it was so comfortable to wear was a huge draw. The fact that it was possible to adjust the links or even add to them if necessary ensures the fit was just right.

There’s one other feature that made the new Day Date stand out. It was available only in 18k gold or platinum. Unlike some other Rolex watches that were made using steel, the President has consistently been made using these two precious metals throughout its history.

So Where Does the President Connection Come From?

It’s easy to see why the Day Date became popular so quickly, but what does that have to do with the Presidential moniker? That tracks back to the fact that it became a favorite of various heads of state. In a short time, photographs of various world leaders wearing the watch began to circulate. That only helped the watch to become more well-known and more sought after in the marketplace.

It can be said that the fact it became so popular with political figures is one of the reasons that the watch remains so popular today. Whether it’s related to admiring certain figures or a desire to be associated with them in some way, the Presidential continues to attract attention. Pair that with the Rolex reputation for excellence, and it’s easy to understand why people today would seek out this model.

Which US President Was the First to Wear the Day Date?

There is some difference of opinion about who was the first prominent political figure to wear a Rolex Day Date President Gold. One thing is sure; Lyndon Baines Johnson, the 36th president of the United States of America, was known to wear his Day Date gold watch, complete with what was becoming known as the presidential bracelet, throughout his time in office.

While Johnson was not alone in his preference for this Rolex, he was among the most prominent from the time he was sworn in after the assassination of John F. Kennedy in November, 1963 until he officially finished his last term as president on January 20, 1969. Since that time, a number of US political figures, including other presidents, have chosen this watch as one they wear frequently.

How the President Has Appreciated in Value

Over the years, the President has become one of the most sought-after Rolex watches in the history of the company. In fact, Rolex has been known to refer to it as “the ultimate status watch” on more than one occasion. This is evidenced by the consistent appreciation in value that comes with any pre owned Rolex President that’s maintained properly.

Even during the pandemic years, interest in the President did not wane. It remains a top choice of collectors. The previously owned models are also popular with those who are purchasing their first watches and find the styling, precious metals, and the history to be attractive features.

Now is the time to look at the options for Rolex President watches that are available today. Shop with an official Rolex dealer and you can rest assured that the watch you buy will be one that is worth cherishing for a long time.


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