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Sell Gold Coins in New York

Whether a collector or an investor, gold coins present an excellent opportunity to store value in an item. Though you can opt to invest gold in the form of bullion or jewelry, gold coins can offer more value because of their collectibility and rarity. Through Diamond Source NYC, you are now presented with an opportunity to cash in on your investment.


As reputed buyers of gold, gold coins, and fine jewelry pieces, we will give you the best price for your gold coins that is on par with their current market value. Gold coins are considered legal tender and carry a face value. However, investors do not buy gold coins based on their face value because their gold content, collectibility, and rarity often make them worth more than their face value.


We Buy Gold Coins at a Fair Price

Diamond Source NYC prides itself on offering the best prices for your gold coins, loose diamonds, and luxury watches. We also have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, a GIA graduate diamond certificate, a second-hand dealer license, and decades of combined experience buying jewelry and luxury watches. We provide free estimates for the coins, pieces of fine jewelry, and luxury watches you bring us. With our years of experience and knowledge of the gold coin market, we ensure that you will get a fair price for the gold coins you sell us.


Frequently Asked Questions About Gold  Coins

Are gold coins legal tender?

Yes. Gold coins can be used to exchange goods at their face value in their countries of origin. Collectors and traders value these gold coins much higher than their face value. For instance, a $50 Buffalo gold piece can buy anything that a paper $50 bill can. However, you need to be conscious of the markings on your coin if it is made of gold. It may be worth more than its face value. 


What makes gold coins more advantageous as investment instruments?

Gold coins have variable values depending on the price of gold or their collectibility. Because of their small size, they can be kept easily in vaults, safety deposit boxes, or a safe in your home. Like gold coins, gold items such as jewelry, bullion, and bars can also be excellent investment instruments. To maximize the value of your gold investment, you can sell gold jewelry in NYC to reputed jewelry buyers, such as Diamond Source NYC.


Can I sell gold coins minted from other countries?

Yes. Aside from gold coins minted by the U.S. Treasury, these are examples of gold coins that can be sold to us:

  • The 1-ounce Canadian Gold Maple Leaf minted by the Royal Canadian Mint. It is 24kt and has a $50 face value. 
  • The 1-ounce Vienna Philharmonic Gold Coin: Minted by the Austrian government, it weighs one troy ounce and is 99.99% pure gold. It carries a face value of 100 euros.
  • The 0.23-ounce German Mark struck between 1871 and 1915. It carries a value of 20 Marks based on the gold standard. Understandably, these coins are more expensive than their face value.
  • The 15-gram Chinese Panda coin. These coins were issued in 2016 by the Chinese mint and are very popular.

Choosing Diamond Source as the Buyer for Your Gold Coins



Diamond Source is a reputable gold coin dealer and buyer in NYC. We have experienced appraisers to ensure you get a fair price for your gold coins that is on par with their current market value. Rest assured that you will get an honest assessment during your visit.


At NY Buyers Inc, we love to buy fine jewelry. Among the brands we love the most, you will find:

Our staff at Diamond Source NYC provides the best buying and selling experience for luxury watches, gold jewelry, gold coins, and loose diamonds in New York and beyond. We also pride ourselves on the ease and professionalism we provide to our clients while taking out collateral loans and selling precious items, such as gold jewelry and gold coins. If you are looking for a hassle-free way to get cash quickly, bring in your valuable items, and you can get your money within minutes.



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