Semi Mount Rings

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90 results

What Is a Semi-Mount Engagement Ring?

A semi-mount ring is an engagement ring purchased without a center diamond set on it. Jewelers usually sell diamonds separately for pairing with a semi-mount ring. By purchasing a separate diamond and ring, the buyer has the flexibility to create a combination they wish, either to suit the style they want or to get the best possible combination of ring and diamond within their budget.

Where Can I Mount Diamonds on a Semi-Mount Ring?

At Diamond Source NYC, we are committed to providing you with a wide range of gold and diamond semi-mount rings and affordable prices so that you can mount the diamond of your choice to ensure that you get the perfect engagement ring for your budget and style choice. When you buy semi-mount engagement rings, you always have the option of looking for another jeweler to mount the center diamond.

What Is a Ring Mount?

A ring mount, or a ring mounting, describes the shoulder, head, and shank of a finished ring ready to receive the gemstones.

What Is a Bridal Semi-Mount?

A bridal semi-mount is another name for a semi-mount engagement ring. You will find many different backgrounds around the mount where you will be placing the center diamond. The most popular types of semi-mount rings are solitaire semi-mounts. These have intricate designs such as filigrees and engravings around the space left for the stone you will pick. Another popular type of bridal semi-mount is the accented semi-mount, where smaller accent stones are set on the band.

What Are Melee Diamonds?

Melee diamonds are small diamonds that accent the center diamond to enhance the appearance of the center diamond. GIA defines melee diamonds as either single-cut or full-cut diamonds weighing less than 0.2 ct.