Types of Wedding Rings

When it comes to seizing the day, there is nothing like an unforgettable diamond ring that will stay with her for as long as forever. The union of two souls should be depicted in the most romantic way as it is your one big day, and you should leave no stones unturned in order to make it a memorable one. Bring a smile on her face by presenting her a wedding ring that she would love to flaunt in front of all her friends.If you are looking forward to buy a diamond ring for the one you love, then you have come to the right place. Before placing an order, why not learn the major type of wedding rings that dominates the market so that you can pick the most preferred ring for her.

18kt Rose Gold Diamond Wedding Band RN-5700

Different types of wedding rings:

Solitaire Rings

Nothing conveys the unadulterated and raw feeling of love than a big bright diamond sparkling in its glow in the middle of the ring. Usually, solitaire rings are arranged in a prong setting with four to six prongs holding the stone intact. The precious stone is often coupled with metals like white gold, platinum, yellow gold, or sometimes even with sterling silver. There are different shapes that can be featured on the ring and you can select the best one that your bride-to-be likes the most. Select your favorite solitaire ring from our wide collection.

Wedding Bands Set features center 1.25ct Emerald Diamond and 1.00ct of side diamonds ENG-20005

Wedding Ring Sets

Symbolize your love by making a perfect symmetry between your rings by selecting a pair of matching rings for him and her. The radiance of both the similar rings will be paired perfectly and catch the eyes of every onlooker. Designed to match and complement the perfect matrimony of the both of you, these finely crafted wedding ring sets will look great on the two of you.

Halo Rings

Surprise her with the bright halo ring that is a perfect blend of traditional design and modern composition. A diamond mounted at the center of the ring will steal everyone’s focus, and the beauty of it would be enhanced by various stones and other diamond accents that surround it from all the sides, creating a perfect halo. This is one of the widely used types of wedding rings that are dazzling in the market for years now.

Three Stone Rings

Symbolizing the three most important units of time – yesterday, today, and tomorrow, the three stone rings are extensively used by couples to have something new as a reminder of their love. The adjoining two stones go flawlessly with the middle one, highlighting its essence and beauty effortlessly.
14kt White Gold Channel Set Men Diamond Wedding Band 1.72ct Diamonds 921085

Wedding Bands

Instead of opting for one big solitaire, couples often goes for a subtle and sophisticated choice of wedding rings. Something that can be worn on a daily basis, these bands are both stylish and simple. Wedding bands are making a comeback these days and are getting preferred by couples a lot for their subtle yet designer composition. These types of wedding rings will certainly stay with you for the years to come! If you have an heirloom or a precious diamond with you, and you would like to mount it on a cherished case, then a semi-mounted ring is what you should get. Simply get a preferred case for your big diamond and mount it on a chosen frame. Depict a perfect blend of something old with a something new in the form of this wedding ring. If you like, browse our wide collection of semi-mounted rings.
Luxury and modern design 18K white gold band is set with .66ct diamonds KR10552

Modern Wedding Rings

These days, brides are looking to get something unique and class-apart as their wedding ring. There are different types of wedding rings that are available in the market these days that will break your assumption of an orthodox wedding ring. Not merely diamonds, but other precious stones like ruby, emerald, amethyst, and more are making a preferred choice for a wedding ring. They are combined with a center diamond piece or often compose a standalone ring. Colored diamond rings are also making a comeback in the market with various shades of diamond depicted in its most beautiful form, either forming a solitaire or getting complimented by other diamond accents in a halo style.

If you are looking forward to your big day, then make it count and get the perfect wedding ring for her. From halo and solitaire rings that have always been a crowd favorite to modern and three stone rings, various types of wedding rings are presently available with us for you to choose from. You can always visit our wide range of wedding rings and pick your favorite. Make your love last forever and present her something that will not only make you steal her heart, but will also ensure a lifetime of togetherness for the two of you!