What Is a Good Luxury Watch for a First Time Buyer?

Luxury watches are quality pieces for individuals in search of perfection and the feeling of true human effort. They are made of precious metals such as gold, platinum, diamonds, and others. These aspects increase the value, quality, and also price of the commodity. 

If you're ready to buy yourself your first luxury watch, here's a quick watch buying guide to facilitate your hunt.

What to Consider When Shopping for Luxury Watches

Before buying a luxury watch, here are several features you should consider. Note that some of the features of a watch come down to personal preference.


When looking for a high-end watch, consider its design; a strong build will be ideal. However, ensure that the watch isn’t too heavy for your wrist, especially if it’s for everyday use. Luxury watches are ideal for formal and professional events or gatherings. Some brands major in making watches for this category. 

Strap/Band Material

Many buyers prefer leather watch straps for their luxury watches. These straps tend to wear out with time. Additionally, during Summer, sweat can damage the leather strap. In this regard, you can opt for a nylon strap.

You'll find that most luxury watches feature a metal strap that gives it a robust and superior business attire look. It makes the watch stand out and compliments your wrist.

Watch Movement

Luxury watches can either be mechanical, quartz, or automatic. The mechanical versions are the oldest, and some collectors consider them to be classic. The best option when selecting a luxury watch is to go for the automatic versions.

With this watch, you don’t have to wound it every day like mechanical watches because they wind themselves via motion sensors.

Water Resistance 

We can’t guarantee any watch to be 100% waterproof. When talking of water resistance, we are referring to a watch with 100m water-resistance. This quality is measured via some laboratory-based experiments that measure static water pressure.

If the watch is water-resistant, you can use it while diving or during day-to-day events like showering. 

The Best First Luxury Watch to Buy - The Yacht-Master II

What Is a Good Luxury Watch for a First Time Buyer?

The Yacht-Master II is one of the best luxury watches in the market. It bears a distinctive and bold marine character.

This masterpiece is inspired by the rich heritage Rolex has had in the world of sailing since the 1950s. It’s popular for its impeccable quality and rich design.

This luxury watch comes in oysterflex or oxyster bracelets, 60-minute bezel timing, and 100meters/330 feet water resistance. It's available in a range of materials including 18k yellow gold, rolesium, 18k white gold, yellow rolesor, everose gold, and 18k white gold. Its case size ranges from 29mm to 42 mm. 

Purchase your Ideal Luxury Watch Today

There are many reasons you would want to purchase a luxury watch. The good news is you have unlimited options and many prestigious brands to consider. You may want a watch that enhances your personal style.

For example, a sports watch you can use when racing, diving, flying, or surfing. You may as well be looking for a watch that will boost your professional presentation or your social status.

When making your choice, consider the style, build quality, price, durability, and other core features.