Selling Your Patek Philippe in New York? Here Are the 5 Top Models That Hold the Best Value

Patek Philippe Watches Aquanaut Mens

In a world accustomed to the grey humdrum of mass production and standardization, Swiss luxury watches stand out as going against this trend. These fine timepieces are a hallmark of excellence that showcase the owner's refined taste. Without speaking a word, these exceptional examples of Swiss watchmaking roar above the din of conformity. Patek Philippe, one of the world's most prestigious watch brands, provides this type of unrivaled craftsmanship and elegance. Generally considered in the world of horology as one of the "Holy Trinity" of watchmakers (Rolex not being one of them), owning a Patek Philippe watch puts an owner in the elite among the elite of luxury watch owners.

Among the vast galaxy of watch models that Patek Philippe has released, there will always be a few models and lines that stand out as the most sought-after. Though each timepiece brings history, high-level craftsmanship, creativity, and exclusivity, a few models make better investment choices than other Patek Philippe watches. If you own one or a few of these models, consider yourself fortunate. With their comparative affordability, scarcity, and incredible demand, these five Patek Philippe timepieces hold the best value even among other luxury watch models.

The Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711

Its understated stainless steel construction, reputation, history, beauty, and incredible demand make each Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711 more valuable than its $30,000 retail price. With a waitlist of eight years, people are willing to pay a huge premium to get one, regardless of the source. Designed by the renowned watch designer Gerald Genta, the father of the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak, the Nautilus is Patek Philippe's first luxury sports watch. Its porthole-shaped case, ribbed dial, octagonal bezel, and exceptional functionality under adverse sporting conditions make the timepiece a masterpiece. 

The caliber 26-330 S C with 30 jewels powers the contemporary Nautilus. Its 212 parts beat at 4 Hz and are optimized for the Nautilus's most precise time and date functionality, specific Auquanauts, and the latest Calatrava releases (the 5226G). 

After over forty years, the Nautilus is one of the watch company's most prestigious timepieces. The incredible demand for this particular model defies explanation. With its demand significantly outstripping its supply, the mad scramble to own each piece has led to an astonishing increase in its price in the resale market.

The Grand Complications Perpetual Calendar 5208

Patek Philippe Grand Complications Rose Gold 5208R-001 with Ebony Black Sunburst dial

If there is one Patek Philippe watch that represents the apex of Haute Horlogerie, the 5208 has all the hallmarks. The 5208 is truly the luxury watch that pushes the limits of mechanical movements well into the twenty-first century. At its heart is the ultra-precise, purpose-built caliber R CH 27 PS QI with its 719 parts and 61 jewels that powers nine other complications aside from telling time. It boasts a minute repeater chime and an accuracy for the moon phase and age that will require correction only after 122 years. 

Revered for its exclusivity, a first owner has to be approved by the Stern family, presenting the preowned market as an opportunity for collectors to own one without going through the company's screening process. The 5208 receives an additional handcrafting process, which includes the finishing for its black repeater strikers, its mirrored bevels, the engine-turned guilloche micro-rotor, and the Geneva coat-of-arms. Each rotor, screw, and post are painstakingly detailed to ensure the accuracy and precision of its movement. 

Aquanaut 5167

Patek Philippe Watches Aquanaut Mens 5167/1A-001

The Aquanaut is a recent addition to the Patek Philippe family. Introduced in 1997, it resembles the Nautilus through its octagonal case design, though curvier. The Aquanaut family is distinguished from the Nautilus by typically its tropicalized rubber strap. A favorite among watch enthusiasts and collectors, the Aquanaut, is a luxury watch that can be worn daily because of its robust design and inherent charm.

The 5167/1A-001 is a subtle combination of traditionalism and formality. Its classy design makes the timepiece a perfect fit for any wardrobe, whether that may be tennis clothes or formal attire. The 5167/1A-001, on the other hand, uses a stainless steel strap, though its "tropical strap" can replace it. The demand for steel sports watches from Patek Philippe has always been relatively high. With low production values, like the Nautilus, people wait years to get ahold of one in the retail market, making its value high in the pre-owned market. 

Powering the 5167 is the workhorse of the Patek Philippe watch company. With 213 parts, six bridges, and 29 jewels, this dependable movement holds up against the best from other Swiss luxury watchmakers in terms of accuracy and precision. The same caliber 324 S C movement powers the vast array of time and date function watches ranging from the 5711/1A Nautilus to the Calatrava and Twenty~4 and other Nautilus watches.

Patek Philippe Golden Ellipse

Patek Philippe Golden Ellipse

The Golden Ellipse is truly exceptional because of the way it was introduced to the market in 1968. This family of timepieces from Patek Philippe is the second oldest after the iconic Calatrava. The "Golden" attached to its name is not attributed solely to the generous amount of gold that is put into each piece. Instead, it refers to the "golden ratio" discovered by ancient Greek mathematicians. With the dimensions of its dials defined by a ratio of 1/1.6181, the "divine proportion" not only forms the basis of history's finest works of art and architecture but is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. These proportions provide a sense of inner harmony while shirking the standard conventions of fashion.

Though the least famous among Patek Philippe's galaxy of models, the Golden Ellipse is an ideal dress watch. If there is a watch model that defines perfection in simplicity, the straightforward design cues of the Golden Ellipse truly make each an exceptional watch. Don't let its time-only function discount the precise level of engineering that comes into each piece. The 5738P-001 is powered by the dependable caliber 240 optimized to keep up with the demands of the most discriminating watch collectors in the twenty-first century. Its distinctive dial designs include the blue gold sunburst in the 5738P-001, the ebony black sunburst in the 5738R-001, or the exquisitely handcrafted dials of the 5738-51G-001. The Golden Ellipse deserves a second look from watch enthusiasts. 

Patek Philippe Calatrava 5196

Patek Philippe Calatrava 5196

Worn by Royalty, heads of state, and Fortune 500 CEOs, the Patek Philippe Calatrava is considered by many as the ultimate dress watch. Its understated design is the oldest running design for the revered watch company. First introduced in 1932, the design has seen only minor changes until its current incarnation in the technically acute 5196.

Its style exudes elegance. With a dial adorned with just the hour markers, hands, and a seconds dial at 6'o clock, it still stands as a strong statement of understated perfection. With a powerful caliber 324 S C behind it, it does its job superbly, telling time. Fortunately, Calatrava is comparatively affordable for a Patek Philippe watch, presenting watch enthusiasts with an entry into the exclusive club of Patek Philippe watch owners.

Final Thoughts: 

The combination of endearing characteristics unique to each Patek Philippe timepiece, the high respect afforded by watch collectors for Patek Philippe watches, and their limited production volume lead to the incredible demand for all Patek Philippe watches. With the exceptional qualities of the watch mentioned above, brands like Patek Philippe stand out even among Swiss luxury watch brands. That is why the resale values of these watches often perform better than most, making these watches perfect investment instruments, especially at a time of market volatility when other investment instruments are more vulnerable. 

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