3 Style Tips on How to Wear a Luxury Watch

Luxury watches are the perfect way to elevate your style. Made from some of the finest materials in the world and by the finest jewelers, elegant timepieces should be enjoyed as often as possible.

Don’t wait for that special occasion to wear a masterpiece like the Audemars Piguet. Dress them down with a great-fitting pair of jeans and stylish sneakers or dress them up for a black-tie event—just be sure you follow our suggestions for wearing your luxury watch correctly.


1. Fitting Your Watch for Proper Wear

Proper fit is as important for a luxury watch as it is for a fine pair of shoes. If the watch is too tight it will be uncomfortable and look odd.  You are more likely to bang the watch against other surfaces if it hangs too low. That could spell catastrophe for your elegant timepiece.

Place your watch on your non-dominant side.  Wearing it on your less active hand will help protect the watch from scratches, scrapes, and bumps.

Make sure your watch strap fits just above or on your wrist bone. The watch lugs should not extend further than your wrist edges.

Once it is in the correct position, secure the watch so that it fits smoothly against your skin. It should not pinch your skin or slide up and down your arm to your hand.

2. Styling Luxury Watches with Bracelets

To help protect your watch from damage, it’s recommended that you wear bracelets on your dominant hand and let the watch be a solo statement. However, it’s hard to resist the urge to stack your luxury watch with complementary pieces, and wearing bracelets on your active side can be damaging to your watch.

If you do decide to combine your watch with other jewelry, make sure it fits and is placed properly as described above. Stack bracelets on either side of the watch. Avoid using bracelets that might scratch or dent your timepiece. Let the watch be the main focus of your accessories. Do not overwhelm it with too many other bracelets or pieces that detract attention from the watch.

3. Wearing a Luxury Watch with Shirt Cuffs

You want your stunning watch to be noticed, but should you wear it over your shirt cuff or let it hide underneath?

Securing a dress watch over your shirt cuff certainly is a look—but not a great one. For the best fit, start by making sure your shirt cuff is the right length for your arm. For both men and women, the end of the cuff should hit just at or above the wrist bone when fastened. That’s about exactly the same place your watch should be, not riding on top of your sleeve.

 As you move the watch will cleverly peek out from under your sleeve to make sure everyone gets a glimpse.   

Choose a Watch You Love for the Best Look

Ultimately, style is a personal choice and however you decide to show off your watch is up to you. The most important thing about wearing a luxury watch is that it brings you enjoyment. With so many fine pieces to choose from, selecting just one (or two) watches may be difficult. Contact the jewelry experts at Diamond Source NYC, and we’ll help you find a watch that looks great all the time.