Best Watches to Invest in 2020

Piaget, Possession, G0A44282

You’re interested in learning how to start investing in watches. Like many collectors before you, it pays to spend some time exploring the options. For example, which watches are good Investments? Do certain brands or designs seem to appreciate faster than others? How do you which of the many options is the best watch to buy for investment purposes this year?

Here’s some information that will help you get started. Along with some tips on how to find and buy your first watch, you’ll also get some idea of which brands and designs to focus on. With a little luck, you’ll soon have your first watch as an investment and be ready to add more to the collection.


How Do I Get Started?

So you want to know how to start investing in watches. One of the first points to ponder is how much you want to spend for that first one. As with any type of investment, settle on an amount that you could afford to lose if something dire were to occur. In the case of the watch, opt for an amount that you could live without if the watch were destroyed in some sort of natural disaster before you could insure it.

The next step in learning how to invest in luxury watches is to get a feel for how the market has worked in the past. It’s easy enough to find all sorts of lists related to the best watches to invest in 2018 as well as the best watches to invest in 2019. If possible, locate suggestions that go back at least five years. You’ll begin to identify trends with specific brands and designs that indicate which ones tend to appreciate in value from year to year.

Last, learn how to check for authenticity. Luxury watch makers typically include certain markings or features that are not easy for counterfeiters to duplicate. That includes the original packaging and even the way that the certificates of authenticity are designed. By having some idea of what constitutes an authentic watch, you reduce the risks of ending up with a fake.

Considering Limited Editions

Are limited edition watches a good investment? Some would say any limited edition is likely to increase in value. Unfortunately, that’s not the case.

If you want to look at limited editions, spend some time gauging the demand. If the design isn’t popular, it may hold its value or possibly decrease in worth among collectors. Also pay attention to the brand; if it’s known as one that tends to make watches that increase in value over time, the edition may also follow suit.

Here are eight brands that can usually be counted on for quality and for watches that consistently appreciate in value. Based on past performance, these brands are likely to offer designs in 2020 that are worthy of being added to your collection.

Audemars Piguet

It’s hard to imagine a world where Audemars Piguet isn’t included in any lists of the top 10 watches to invest in right now. The brand has been around since the latter part of the 19th century and continues to be considered a forerunner in the field of luxury watches. While not as well known as some other brands on this listing, Audemars Piguet is considered one of the best brands among those who know their timepieces.

As you consider watches made by Audemars Piguet, look closely at the Royal Oak line. You want to pay particular attention to the Royal Oak Concept and the Royal Oak Offshore watches. Both have demonstrated the ability to appreciate in value over the years. It doesn’t hurt that the styles are attractive and the performance cannot be topped.

Keep in mind that Audemars Piguet watches tend to cost more than some other luxury brands. That’s actually good news, since the consistent appreciation in value will make the investment a great one.


Cartier Ballon Bleu Rose Gold Mens Watch WE9008Z3

The name of Cartier is familiar to many people and with good reason. It’s hard to think of a name that’s more synonymous with quality and elegance. If you’re just learning how to start investing in watches, this is a great brand to use for your first purchase.

Look closely at the Calibre and the Tank Francaise lines. These are definitely designs that can easily go from the boardroom to a meal out with family. In terms of holding their value, you can expect both lines to increase from year to year.


Who hasn’t heard of Rolex? That’s often the first name that many people think of when they hear conversations about luxury watches. Along with the name, Rolex also has the game. You’ll find quite a few Rolex watches to invest in this year.

What would be the best Rolex watch to invest in during 2020? Some might say that the Datejust and the Oyster Perpetual lines would be worth considering. Based on past performance as investments, both of these are good options. You might also want to consider the Explorer and Submariner lines as well.


Piaget is considered one of the most collectible of all women’s timepieces. One feature that’s common for this brand is the use of natural stone for the dials. Consider the Possession with its combination of a rotating bezel set with diamonds and the beautiful rose gold casing. While hailing from the latter part of the last century, interest in this particular line continues to increase as time goes on.


What’s the best Tudor watch to invest in this year? Some would say that the Black Bay would be the way to go. Including Tudor’s signature snowflake hands along with the champagne dial and yellow gold bezel, this is a watch that would look great on just about any wrist. While you may not be familiar with Tudor, rest assured that the company has demonstrated the ability to produce watches that hold up well for decades. The price for this one will be less than some luxury watches, but it has all the markings of one that will be worth a lot more in the years to come.


Breitling Women’s GALACTIC 36 AUTOMATIC, C37330121A2C1

Breitling is another brand that deserves attention from newer collectors. The price range is relatively modest, with watches beginning at just a few thousand dollars. Pay close attention to the Navitimer and the Colt Chronograph lines if you want to lock in a great investment. The watches will also be something that you’ll love to wear for just about any type of event or occasion.

Patek Phillipe

Which watch will increase in value? There are those who swear by Patek Phillipe since the brand has demonstrated resilience even during tough economic periods. The use of rose gold, platinum, and other beautiful metals are paired with sturdy and attractive leather bands. The Twenty 4 line is especially attractive if you want to build your collection around watches that are ideal for more elegant events. You might also consider some of the Patek Phillipe designs for pocket watches.

Vacheron Constantin

What is the best luxury watch for the money? Don’t be surprised if a seasoned collector recommends that you look into the Vacheron Constantin line. Traditional designs coupled with elements like deep blue, black, and brilliant white faces encased in platinum are sure to remain popular for many years. Consider the Overseas Automatic and the Overseas Chronograph models at the best watches to collect for investment by someone who’s just getting started.

Finding good watches to invest in is not as difficult as you may think. Assuming you have the resources at hand, it’s possible to find the best watch to invest in 2020 and begin to build quite a collection. As you find additional watches to buy for investment in the years ahead, you’ll create another means of creating more personal wealth. That translates into greater financial security for you and your loved ones.