Different Watches for Different People

Different Watches for Different People

Watches are timeless and eternal. They have been helping us create an everlasting impression from years and ensure to do the same in the coming time as well. With the passage of years, we have seen the change in trends and seasons, a lot of apparel come and go with fashion, but these timeless beauties have always been the most sought-after and collectible accessories. Watches have come a long way since their conception and are considered as a lifestyle choice and fashion trend.There are different types of watches that can be worn and help you take the style quotient of your outfits to a whole new level. We have come up with different watches and would love to know which kind of watch you would like to wear on your next outing or evening date.
  1. Automatic Watches: Most of the watches that we see today are the modern interpretation of the earliest automatic watches. Also known as a self-winding watch, they have come a long way since their discovery. Initially, meant to run through a semicircular rotator, they would get enough energy to run for a day or two before fixing the rotator again; the watches were given a mechanical touch and led to the modernization of the mechanism. The modern sets of automatic watches are meant for the everyday use. People love to wear them to their office and flaunt their style in their workplace. High on design, these pieces are mostly sophisticated and paired with crisp formals to complete the look.
Rolex Submariner 40mm Ceramic Bezel Steel Watch 114060
  1. Sports Watches: If you would like to impart a rugged and classic appeal to your ensembles, then grab a premium sports watch. They have become a fashion statement in themselves and run high on trends. These watches are not just limited to sports or military anymore, but they have evolved with time and are considered a wardrobe essential. You can wear them up from work to those running sessions or during your workout. From beach to business meetings, they are perfect for every occasion.
  1. Chronograph Watches: It is probably the most recognizable watch compilation of all time. A lot of watch manufacturers have come up with their own patented technique and arrangement of chronographs. A chronograph is a highly beneficial tool to measure time and can be crucially used in events like car racing or cycling. A centrally mounted independent sweep second hand that can be used to store, stop or return to zero by pressing the buttons constitute the chronograph functionality. From simple stopwatch model to multiple dials, they have a huge variety and appear extremely stylish and unique.

Hublot Big Bang Unico Italia Independent Camo Green

  1. Military Watches: Relatively new, these watches are running high on demand with their unique style statement. Not just popular, these watches are extremely beneficial as well. They have introduced the concept of “hack” second hand, which can help you synchronize your watch with your partner or friend, so that you would stay at the same time, every second. Today, the mechanical implementation of this concept has been implemented, resulting in a modern interpretation of these watches.

Breitling Colt Lady, Stainless Steel, 33mm, Mother-of-Pearl Dial, A77388531A1A1

  1. Swiss Watches: Switzerland has always been the land of the most premium and sought-after watches in the world. The Swiss watches have a reputation of their own, and can help your hands narrate a story with these timeless pieces. They have a high regard in the industry since Swiss watchmakers always come up with something unique for every kind of customer. They have watches that are crafted from gold, sterling silver, stainless steel to even wood and ceramic. You can find highly fashionable to modern timepieces here.

Hublot Big Bang Integral

  1. Fashion Watches: The first question you might ask is what makes any other watch a fashionable one? The answer is pretty simple – any watch could be a fashion watch since every watch has something to say and narrates a story in its own way. Although, fashion watches are worn to complete a certain look and leave a statement. They are considered affordable and could be worn with your selected ensembles to enhance your look. They are picked for a number of reasons, mostly because they appear high on trend and attitude, imparting a particular favorite color or helping people create a style statement.

  2. Oversized Watches: Large and oversized watches are considered to be highly fashionable these days, helping you create your unique style statement with a large dial and oversized strap. Choose your favorite color and texture to best compliment your outfits. Designed for both, men and women to take the casual appeal of their outfits to a whole new level, these watches are sure to become your most favorite accessory in your wardrobe.

  3. Luxury Watches: They are considered the most preferred option to gift your loved ones, as they speak high design and sophistication with every second. They are also passed along the future generation and help you leave your legacy. Some of the best luxury watches are considered as a work of art, with sprinkles of gold, diamond and other precious gemstones on the gears.
With a different range, there are plenty of watches out there for every kind of individual. Watches are no longer bought to check time, but they are considered as an essential lifestyle choice and a great choice to gift the one you love. They are considered as a symbol of affection and dedication when gifted to someone. Wearing a watch these days is a lifestyle choice, as they help in creating a unique style statement and uplifting the style quotient of any outfit. If worn correctly and paired with perfection, they can help you leave an everlasting and flawless appeal, making every head turn on the street in order to get a second look of your hand. Let us know the kind of watch you prefer, or browse through our exclusive collections of hand-picked and marvelous watches here and buy your next favorite timepiece, before it runs out!