Fraud Blocker Do You Need Rolex with Diamonds & Gems?

Do You Need Rolex with Diamonds & Gems?

Ask just about anyone to name a luxury watch brand, and the odds are high that the response will be Rolex. In fact, there are people who don’t think they’ve truly reached true success until they either own one or can at least afford one.

The choice of what type of Rolex to purchase remains a personal one. Some prefer basic designs while others like subtle touches or even something more ornamental. Perhaps you’ve been thinking about purchasing a Rolex that includes diamonds or other precious gems in the design. While it may not be a need, it’s certainly a legitimate want. To help you make up your mind, consider the answers to the following questions. What you think after reading them will provide more focus on finding the Rolex that’s right for you.

Does Rolex Use Real Diamonds?

You’ve seen lesser brands that advertise the use of diamonds in their designs, only to find out that they are really simulated diamonds. That’s not something you’ll have to be concerned with as you shop for a Rolex watch. There’s nothing fake about the materials used in these watches.

The documentation that comes with every authentic Rolex watch confirms that only real diamonds are used as part of the design. Taking things one step further, not any old diamond will do. Owing to the high standards that apply to every Rolex, the diamonds must also pass rigorous quality standards. You’re not just getting authentic diamond’s you’re getting diamonds that are among the best found in the industry.

How About Other Gems?

Diamonds aren’t the only precious stones that Rolex includes in their designs. As you look around at legacy options as well as lines that are still in production, you will find several different gems in use. Along with diamonds, you’ll find that rubies, emeralds, and sapphires are among the more popular options.

As with the diamonds, any gems used in Rolex watch designs must meet strict quality standards. All gems are assessed on the basis of clarity, color, and general condition. If something is a little cloudy or has some inherent flaw, it won’t be used.

What Parts of a Rolex Include Diamonds and Gems?

Different Rolex designs used diamonds or precious stones on different parts of their watches. The location and the quantity will vary depending on the design itself. The inclusion of those gems is to enhance the look of the watch while allowing the owner to enjoy all of the function that Rolex is famous for providing.

The watch face or dial is one location where diamonds may be placed. It’s also possible that the design will include a series of diamonds or other stones on the watch bezel. You may also find that the band or bracelet also comes with diamonds that match those used for the watch proper.

How Much Does It Cost to Put Diamonds On a Rolex?

Several factors influence the cost of adding diamonds to any Rolex design. The size of each diamond is one aspect that impacts the cost. Another has to do with the number of gems that are included in the design. Keep in mind that since only higher quality gems are used, that will also add to the overall expense.

In general, you can expect the cost of the diamonds or other gems to begin in the higher end of three figures. From there, you can expect the cost of each gem to reach up to five figures in value.

What Rolex Has The Most Diamonds?

While there is some debate on this point, the Rolex Pearlmaster is generally considered the design that sports the most diamonds. In particular, the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Pearlmaster is often cited as the one with the most diamonds.

Looking at the watch, the potential buyer will note that the watch dial itself is covered with a series of small diamonds. The bezel sports a ring of larger diamonds that are of the same color and clarity. The remainder of the front of the watch body also sports diamonds that cover the entire surface. Finally, the bracelet includes two and in some generations three different sized diamonds that match those used for the watch body.

How Does Diamonds and Other Gems Impact the Value of Rolex Watches?

There are many Rolex watches on the market today that include diamonds and other gems, but those stones may or may not do much to help the watch appreciate in value. In some cases, the gems may actually lead to the watch being less valuable than it would be without them. The difference has to do with the quality of those gems and when they were included in the design.

Gems that are added during the original manufacturing process will have a positive impact on the watch’s value as the years pass. That’s because there is no doubt that the gems meet the quality standards set by the company. Other than shifts in the market that may affect the value of those gems in particular, you can expect the watch to appreciate in value.

The same is true if you have an original Rolex with a missing stone. If you have the stone replaced by an authorized Rolex dealer, it will meet the same quality standards as the rest. You can depend on it to support the watch’s continued appreciation.

Things are different if you opt for adding what’s known as aftermarket gems to your Rolex watch. These may or may not be up to Rolex standards, and they are more likely to hurt rather than help the watch’s value.

If you like the idea of owning a Rolex that includes diamonds or precious stones in the design, see what an authorized Rolex dealer has to offer. The ideal watch may be waiting for you right this minute.