Four Reasons Why the Patek Philippe Twenty 4 Is The Perfect Gift for the Active and Modern Woman

patek-philippe-twenty4-4910-1201r-001-luxury-swiss-watches  The Patek Philippe Twenty 4 is the watch company's distinctive ladies' collection. Introduced in 1999, it has evolved over twenty years of technical and elegant refinement. Though the Twenty 4 is known for its Manchette-style cases, two-tier profile rectangular cases, and quartz movements, the collection has welcomed models with round cases and automatic movements. With a broad array of timepieces, each more elegant than the last, there are more reasons today than there have ever been to make the Patek Philippe Twenty 4 the perfect gift for the active and modern woman.

A Rare and Precious Timepiece That Will Be Cherished for Generations


Patek Philippe Twenty 4 Rose Gold 7300-1450R-001

Collectors and patrons traditionally value each Patek Philippe watch for its technical merits. The 7300-1450R-001 is precious for its intrinsic value alone. Nothing matches a gift that bears all the hallmarks of an active, modern woman like the sophistication that a Twenty 4 7300-1450R-001 holds. If diamonds are synonymous with indestructibility, this timepiece, carrying 3,238 of them and weighing a staggering 17.21 carats, indeed represents it. The diamonds varying in size are arranged in a pavé setting, creating an impression akin to sunlight bouncing off fresh snow. The 36mm dial, which alone contains 384 diamonds, has gold applique numerals and rounded baton hands which makes time reading easy despite the brilliance of the background. Clearly visible behind the sapphire glass case back is the highly-precise automatic Calibre 324 S C movement, which powers Nautilus and higher-end Calatrava models. However, the value of this haute joaillerie ladies' watch doesn't end with the case. This timepiece is a Patek Philippe, after all.

The bracelet contains most of its diamonds, counting 2,490 pieces weighing 12.7 carats. Its fold-over clasp is diamond-set. Being worthy of an active woman, the timepiece is tough and water-resistant up to 30m in depth. With all the qualities that make the woman you love so rare, precious, and desired, this timepiece is indeed worthy of embodying its would-be wearer.


A Sweet and Precious Gift Worthy of a Sweet and Precious Woman


Patek Philippe Twenty~4 Rose Gold 4910-11R-010 with Chocolate Dream Dial

A worthy gift for the sweet and caring woman you love, this Rose Gold 4910-11R-010 indeed captures her essence. Designing a contemporary ladies' watch, even for the finest Swiss watchmaking company, has been a significant challenges. However, when they first released the Twenty 4 collection in 1999, it blazed the trail for one of the world's most widely-followed and sought-after ladies' watch collections among the most discriminate of watch connoisseurs. The modern look that clearly distinguishes the Twenty 4 is its manchette-style case. Its textured chocolate-brown dial with golden hands, diamonds, and applique gold Roman numerals for hour markers also exudes a distinctive flavor. The hour and minute hands are illuminated as in common with Patek Philippe sports watches. The case made of rose gold is set with 34 diamonds, encasing the quartz Calibre E15 movement, which powers all of the contemporary manchette-style case releases from the Twenty 4 collection.

The hand-polished rose gold bracelet hugs the wrist comfortably, with a secure trademark fold-over clasp. The warm feel of the dial perfectly matches the precious metals and stones that frame it, similar to the way the sweet and tender woman worthy of this gift frames the beauty within her.  


A Satin-Smooth and Timeless Gift


Patek Philippe Twenty 4 Rose Gold 4920R-010 with Timelss White Dial

Though discontinued since 2020, the Patek Philippe Twenty 4 Rose Gold 4920R-010 will continue to be a sought-after classic even among other timepieces in the Twenty 4 collection. Its trademark manchette-style case is set with a total of 34 Top Wesselton-quality diamonds weighing 0.66 carats. The crown is set with a single 0.05 carat Top Wesselton-quality diamond as well. Its highly polished 18kt gold case protects the quartz Calibre E15 6-jewel movement of 57 parts. The silvered/white dial contains ten diamonds and applique 18kt gold Roman numerals for its hour markers. Its distinctive vanilla strap highlights the smooth quality of this timepiece, which blends well with the colors of the dial. The watch comes with an extra black satin strap to match the wearer’s dress as she sees fit. A tang buckle secures the satin strap, which is only found on this particular model in the Patek Philippe Twenty 4 collection. 


Surprising Value for a Highly-Desired Timepiece


Patek Philippe Twenty 4 Stainless Steel 4910-10A-011 with Timeless White Dial

With the strength of diamonds and stainless steel, but the grace and elegance of a high-end ladies’ watch from one of the most renowned makers of cutting-edge timepieces in the world, the 4910-10A-011 is a comparatively affordable timepiece. Its timeless white silver dial is adorned with ten diamonds and applique gold Roman numerals with luminous gold hands telling time. The distinctive two-tier profile rectangular case contains the accurate and efficient quartz Calibre E15. The fold-over clasp stamped with the prestigious cross of Calatrava secures the stainless steel bracelet. Retailing at $15,000, the 4910-10A-011 provides excellent value for the craftsmanship, style, precision, and prestige this timepiece brings, making it the perfect gift for the active and modern woman.  


The perfect gift represents the qualities and virtues of the person who will receive it. The Patek Philippe Twenty 4 includes all the qualities of a woman who deserves a Twenty 4. She will surely appreciate these timepieces and hold them dear for a lifetime. The Patek Philippe Twenty 4 are both works of art and pieces of cutting-edge engineering. Surprisingly, for a watch company renowned for the value placed upon their timepieces, the Patek Philippe Twenty 4 seems to entice the smitten man to see the value in providing the perfect gift for a strong, modern, and active woman. Diamond Source NYC is a reputable buyer and seller of Patek Philippe watches. For information on the availability and retail price of our available Patek Philippe Twenty 4 timepieces, or to set an appointment for private viewing, call us at (212) 730-5959. You may also set an appointment to view the perfect gift by filling out the form on our virtual shopping page.


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