What is the Hulk Rolex?

Just about everyone has heard of Rolex watches. That doesn’t mean that all watch enthusiasts know about the different designs released under the brand. For example, have you heard of the Rolex Hulk watch? This dive watch design is relatively new to the scene, and  one that might be of interest to you. Here are some things you should know about the watch, including a general Hulk Rolex review and what you’ll need to know before heading off in search of a Rolex Hulk for sale.


 Rolex Hulk

A Brief History of the Hulk Rolex

When was the Rolex Hulk released? Some may be surprised to learn that the Rolex Submariner Hulk first made an appearance in 2010. The design was released as part of the 60th anniversary celebration of the first dive watch crafted and released by Rolex.

The design for the Rolex Green Hulk made use of many traditional features found on other Rolex watches. In terms of function and quality, the Hulk ranks right up there with all of Rolex’s other designs. One feature that is different has to do with the dial color. Unlike the traditional black or blue, green is also an option with these watches. There are also some red dials to consider.

Reasons Why the Hulk is Such a Great Choice

Some may look at the Hulk and wonder why Rolex Submariner “Hulk” is the best in such a distinguished line of watches. The answer is simple. All Hulks, including the Submariner, are manufactured using the same strict standards that have made Rolex such a trusted brand. The process for the Rolex Hulk production begins with a practical design, moves on to include only the best materials, and finally careful attention to the actual making of each watch.

Even after the production phase is complete, there’s still the quality assurance checks that the watch must undergo. This is true for the Hulk Rolex Gold as well as any of the other Submariners. Any minor flaw is all it takes to prevent the watch from being circulated to showrooms or placed in the hands of any buyer.

The quality of this Rolex is evidenced by the existence of a Rolex Hulk waitlist. At present, the demand exceeds the supply. Even if you’re seeking a used Rolex Hulk, you’ll need patience and perseverance to find one.

A Watch That Holds Value

Is the Rolex Hulk a good investment? The answer is yes. One of the reasons is that the watch does tend to hold it’s value. In many instances, you’ll find that used Hulks go for prices that exceed the original pricing for the new ones produced back in 2010. A casual search on the Internet may yield some options with a Rolex Hulk price of around $9,000 USD, which is close to the original price for some of the lower-end Hulks. In terms of Hulks with green or red dials in place of the traditional blue or black, don’t be surprised if you come across watches that are currently going for around $25,000 USD.

Rolex hulk price

So how much is a Rolex Hulk worth to you? That’s a decision that you will need to make. Just know that as a Rolex Hulk collectible item, even the watches at the lower end are likely to appreciate in value. If you’re more interested in collecting in order to enjoy a reasonable return later on, this is definitely something you want to consider.

More Than Just an Addition to Your Collection

Perhaps you’re not interested in collecting as an investment. You just want a Rolex Hulk to wear. If so, you won’t be disappointed. Buy the Rolex Hulk green rubber strap and you’ll have something that is great for all sorts of activities, including being outdoors a lot. The Rolex Hulk 11610lv is also stylish enough to wear with most types of attire, although you may want a more subtle Rolex to wear with formal clothing.

How Hard Is It to Tell a Real Hulk From a Fake One?

If you’re in the market for a pre owned Rolex Hulk, be aware that the demand has led to the creation of a number of counterfeit versions. That’s because the Rolex Hulk limited edition is never going to be produced in quantities that ensure every consumer will be able to find the real deal.

Since you aren’t interested in spending money for counterfeit Hulks, it makes sense to be able to tell a Rolex Submariner Hulk fake vs real watch. Here are three examples of what to check.

First, the heft of the watch is a giveaway. That’s because lesser quality materials are used for the fakes. Second, the real deal will sport a cyclops lens that makes it easier to read the date.  Last, the movements used for most fakes simply don’t match what Rolex does with their watches. If you see any one of these issues, set the watch down and keep looking for the real thing.

The Future of the Hulk Rolex

Will Rolex Hulk be discontinued? In early 2019, the announcement was made that the steel Submariner line, and presumably the entire line, would be discontinued. While there may still be a limited number of new watches in the hands of retailers, settling for a used Rolex Hulk for sale may be your best bet.

Expect the discontinued Hulks to become more sought after over the next several years. If you invested the original Rolex Hulk price as a way to earn returns later on, this is a good thing for you. If you were less concerned about a Rolex Submariner Hulk investment opportunity and more interested in owning one for your own pleasure, start looking now. The prices will likely climb more as the new decade gets underway.

Rolex Submariner Green Ceramic Hulk 116610LV Men's

There’s no doubt that the incredible Hulk Rolex is something that any Rolex fan will want to know more about. Along with checking out Hulks that you find on sale, it’s not hard to find a Rolex Hulk forum where you can ask questions and learn from enthusiasts who already own one or more Hulks. Visit a shop and take a good look at the designs. Try one on and see how it feels. From new watches to a Rolex Hulk pre-owned by one or two people, you can rest assured that this is something that you want to buy and hold onto for a long time.


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