New Rolex Submariner Watches

New Rolex Submariner Watches

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23 results

Newer Rolex Submariner

Making its grand entry in 1953, the Rolex Submariner is the first diving watch specifically built with a groundbreaking water resistance of up to 100 meters. Setting the new record for water resistance on watches, the Submariner became an essential watch for deep water divers and enthusiasts. Created by one of the most recognized luxury watch brands, the Rolex Submariner has been updated over time to keep ahead of the trend. The new generation of Submariners from Rolex definitely embodies the amazing history Rolex has with the world of diving.

How the Rolex Submariner Watches Have Evolved Over Time

From the inside to the outside, a lot has changed since the first Submariner watch. We’ve seen the ‘Mercedes’ feature added to the hour hand, the protective crown guards, new color designs that are breathtaking, the amazing water resistance feature that has increased over time and now stands at 300 meters rating. As much as these models are renewed, they are all still Submariners to the core, and they all still bear striking resemblance to the first Submariners.

At inception, there was the Submariner Rolex, which was an indispensable model that started out in 37mm cases without crown guards and bidirectional rotating bezels. The models that came in 1959 were updated to have crown guards and now came in 40mm cases with water resistance reaching up to 200 meters.

In 1969, the Submariner date Rolex was unveiled sporting a matte black dial and a date window at the 3 o’clock spot. Over time, some of these watches featured the name Submariner in red, and are famously known as the Red Sub. But this trend didn’t stay long as Rolex replaced the red with white later on. In 1980, the Rolex Submariner yellow gold was introduced. This started out with the black dial and black bezel, but later on, they got creative with the colors.

By the 90s, the Submariner was already sporting an improved water resistance to depths of 300 meters, while their bezels were now unidirectional. The movement in these watches had already been updated to the Caliber 3135 for the Rolex Submariner date and caliber 3130 for the no-date versions. Later on, their matte dials were replaced with gloss dials, and the series that was released in the late 2000s were now sporting the patent cerachrom bezels. This was to up the game in the scratch and fade resistance department. This period also saw the very first Rolex Submariner white gold. This one has a bright blue bezel and dial, and is popularly called the “Smurf”

The Newer collection of Submariner watches

In 2020, Rolex unveiled their latest collection of Submariner watches in an unusual way. This time, they discontinued the production of existing models, while pushing out 8 new and unique references. Model options include:

  • Reference 124060 is a Rolex Submariner no date Stainless steel with black bezel and black dial
  • Reference 126610LN is a Rolex Submariner Date Stainless steel with black bezel and black dial
  • Reference 126610LV is the Rolex Submariner oyster perpetual date with green ceramic bezel and black dial which replaces the Rolex Submariner Hulk.
  • Reference 126613LN is a yellow Rolesor Submariner date with black bezel and dial
  • Reference 126613LB is another yellow Rolesor Submariner date with blue bezel and blue dial
  • Reference 126618LN is a yellow gold Submariner date with black bezel and black dial
  • Reference 126618LB is another yellow gold date Submariner with blue bezel and blue dial
  • Reference 126619LB is the only white gold Submariner date featuring a blue bezel and black dial, and it replaces the Submariner Smurf.

What Makes These Newer Models Special?

Seeing the lineup of new references, you might be wondering what makes them stand out. Well first, the biggest upgrade to the lineup is the Movement. For a while, the Submariner has been using the previous 3100s movement calibers. These new models are equipped with Rolex’s Caliber 3230 for the no-date Submariner, while the Submariner date has the Caliber 3235. These new movements are powered by the new Chronergy escapement by Rolex and offer better standards of competence and dependability. Unlike the 40 hours of power reserve on previous watches, users can now enjoy a huge power reserve of up to 70 hours.

On the outside, there is an even bigger update on the case. The new cases are now 41mm. While this figure is just a little higher than the previous 40mm, the new 41mm cases are built with thinner lugs to allow for a larger watch without packing so much weight into it. Although some Submariner fans may have mixed feelings about this size difference, it will eventually be realized as a mechanical and design improvement.

Additionally, all these staggering updates are laid and fitted on a bracelet that has been remodeled to accommodate the changes precisely. You can also sight another crown on the dial underneath the 6th hour marker, right between the Swiss and Made.

How Much Do These Newer Submariners Cost?

Depending on where and how you make your purchases, the price of a Rolex Submariner watch might differ across dealers. The material involved also affects the prices.

You should be getting the stainless steel no date for as low as $8,100, while the stainless-steel date options range between $9,000 to $10,000. You will be spending a little more on the Rolesor two-tone options as they mix both yellow gold and stainless steel for their bracelets. Their prices are lodged somewhere in the range of $10,000 to $20,000. The Submariner Yellow gold and the Rolex Submariner white gold models are definitely asking for the big bucks as they are priced a lot higher. Yellow-gold ones are priced above $35,000, while the white gold ones reach close to $40,000.

On the other hand, the favor of collectors can influence the prices of a model more than others. This was seen with the discontinued Submariner Hulk, driving its price higher than its black dial/bezel counterparts, and might just be seen with the new greed reference in this lineup also.

Where to Purchase a Rolex Submariner

If you are buying the new Submariner or a Rolex Submariner pre-owned, you would want to ensure that you are purchasing from a reputable retailer like Diamond Source NYC. Finding a Rolex Submariner for sale is not always easy, but it will be made painless when you approach the right dealer. Also, ensure that the retailer has good knowledge of the product, as this is a good sign that you won’t spend your money on a fake. You can never have too much information. Rolex watches known for retaining and appreciating their value, so choosing a Rolex Submariner vintage could always be a reasonable investment.

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