Rolex presidential 41mm Watches For Sale

What Makes Rolex Day-date II a Worthy Investment

Rolex Day-Date ii comes from the list of Rolex masterpieces. It has outstanding features. It displays both the day in full and the date, changing instantly at midnight. You don’t have to worry about the language you speak since you can view the day in several languages.

Rolex Presidential Watch

Rolex day-date 2 is commonly known today as the Presidential watch. The Rolex Day-Date II watch received the honor of being called the President’s watch in 1965. That is because US President Lyndon B Johnson wore the yellow gold Rolex Day-Date model.

Several other renowned and influential people have been spotted with this masterpiece of art. That is why Rolex is said to be the watch for those who value elegance, innovators, and are go-getters. If that defines you, then this collection is for you.

Day-Date 2 Features

Varying tastes call for a variety of unique features. Let’s have a look at them.

Rolex day-date green dial provides a unique display on your watch. The shades of green in it are more than 200. Depending on your taste, you can choose from these varieties, either mint, emerald, or olive.

Rolex day-date 41 mm yellow gold has more elements into it. It has a white dial with a diameter of 41mm. Aside from having a gold embedment, it has a presidential bracelet. Thus, giving it the touch of class and influence that the brand commands.

Other material variations are the day date ii platinum, gold, or stainless steel.

Purchasing a Rolex Date II

To find a Rolex day-date for sale, you must know the authentic Rolex retailers. Diamond Source NYC, for example, gives authenticity guarantee on all items sold.

Rolex day-date price varies. It depends on the model you pick. The cost will also depend on the outlet that you choose to make your purchase. The retailers who sell unworn or used Rolex watches, tend to price their products lower.

Comparison of Models with Day-Date II

Day date II vs. day date 40: Although the two have a similar component, day and date, they are different. The difference is not only in the numbering of the model but in their internal features. First off, the day date II has a power backup that can last up to 48 hours due to its calibration of 3156.

Day date 40, on the flip side, has a calibration of 3255 in automatic movement, enabling it to run for 70 hours. Looking at the two models, Date 40 is a modification of date II, and their cases vary too. The latter has a 41mm case. Although the designs vary, their value in the market is yet undebatable. They both have their presidential command.

Day date 2 vs. Sky-dweller: Depending on one’s personal needs, one might prefer a particular model over the other. Day-date 2 has a lower caliber of 3156. However, when we think of variety, it has more to offer in terms of material variation on the case and bracelet.

Rolex day-date 2 rose gold came on the scene in 2015. Like its predecessors, it has gained popularity. It comes with a 41mm rose case made of gold which has a solid case back. It is decorated with sapphire crystal, a fluted rose gold bezel, and a screw-down crown.

Among other Day-date II features, its Rolex 218235 dial is enriched with Roman numerals and hour markers decorated with chocolate and rose gold. The date window is placed at 3 o’clock, while the day window is at noon. Perhaps, another feature that lies hidden in this masterpiece is self-winding caliber with a date and day function. You can reverse the caliber in 48 hours. Also, 218235 cannot be affected up to 330 feet deep water.

Rolex Day-Date II Yellow Gold: Day-Date 2 41mm yellow gold is similar to Rolex day date ii gold in appearance. It has roman numerals applied in gold on a silver dial.

Rolex Day-Date II Platinum | Gold | Diamond | White Gold

There are different day-date 2 Rolex models in platinum, plain gold, diamond, white gold and more. The other models came up at different times and are made of different materials and shapes. Also, they vary in prices, with some being more expensive than others. The bottom line is that Rolex has a watch for everyone and whatever amount a Rolex day-date 2 may cost, it’s worth every cent.


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