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Buying Your First Vacheron Constantin Luxury Watch

While you own a couple of luxury watches, it would be great to add a Vacheron Constantin to your collection. Noted for substance and quality as well as style, you’ll find that this is a timepiece you’ll enjoy owning and wearing when the mood strikes. As you prepare to look for the right one, here is some basic information that will aid in the search. As with any plans to invest in a luxury watch, take you time and make sure you know what you’re buying.

Vacheron Constantin A Little History

Established in 1755, Vacheron Constantin has the distinction of being one of the oldest contiguous watch manufacturers in the world. Despite wars, economic shifts, and a number of other events that temporarily stopped production by other clocks and watchmakers, the company has continued uninterrupted. As in the past, the production of the Vacheron Constantin watch continues to be based in Switzerland.

For most of the company’s history, it has maintained a motto that continues to resonate today. Translated into English, the motto reads “Do better if possible, and that is always possible”. The emphasis on using only the finest materials and limiting the production per calendar year allows the brand to easily compete with other luxury watches.

How Much You’ll Spend for Vacheron?

If you’re interested in purchasing a new watch, the Vacheron Constantin price will depend on the materials used and the features that are included. For example, there are stainless steel watches that are currently in production. Be prepared to spend anywhere between $19,000 to $25,000 USD for the watch. If you prefer to go with gold, particularly red gold, your options will begin at just over $36,000 USD.

When it comes to purchasing a used Vacheron Constantin, there are a number of choices that are in high demand. In this scenario, you can easily spend anywhere between $29,000 USD to over $1M USD. There’s even the Kallista, a design that included 118 emerald cut diamonds; this watch is currently valued at $5M USD.

Features That You’ll Love about Vacheron

Self-winding is one of the key features found in the typical Vacheron Constantin men's watch.

Many designs offer up to 48 hours of power reserve. Water-resistance averages a half-hour. In keeping with the traditional appeal, most options include analog rather than digital displays. Telling The Real Thing From an Imitation As a highly sought-after luxury watch, it comes as no surprise that there are counterfeiters who offer fake versions. One way to tell a fake from a real one is to pay close attention to the asking price. If the purported Vacheron Constantin watch price is less than $2,000 USD for a stainless steel version, there’s a good chance that it’s not the real deal.

Even if the watch comes with certification and what seems to be an original box, look closely at the details on the crest. In the case of the box be mindful of where the crest is placed. You can find images online that will help you determine if all the elements are properly aligned. Now that you have some idea of what to expect, start looking for a Vacheron Constantin Chronograph that offers everything that you want. Remember to shop with reputable dealers only and always opt for something that comes with the original packaging and certification.

Whether you plan on wearing the watch often or adding it to your collection for use on special occasions, rest assured that this luxury watch will not disappoint.

Vacheron Constantin

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