5 Reasons Why Diamonds Are The Perfect Anniversary Gift

Diamonds Are Something Your Special Someone Can Wear Everyday

Traditionally, diamonds are associated with being a 60th-anniversary gift. But why wait 60 years to give your loved one this luxurious and romantic gift? Whether it is your first anniversary, third anniversary, tenth anniversary, or twenty-fifth anniversary, diamond jewelry will always be the perfect anniversary gift. Diamond Source NYC has a variety of styles available in our diamond jewelry line. Whether it's diamond rings, diamond earrings, diamond necklaces, or diamond pendants, Diamond Source NYC has the special piece that is a perfect reflection of your love and affection for your special someone. We take pride in being one of the foremost experts in jewelry, and we ensure that you will find the perfect piece to express how much your better half means to you. Here are just five of the reasons why diamonds are the perfect anniversary gift. Diamond Source NYC has a variety of styles available in our diamond jewelry line. Whether it's diamond rings, diamond earrings, diamond necklaces, or diamond pendants,

14kt White Gold Diamond Stud Earrings, ST-52500 

Diamonds set the standard for durability among gemstones by being the perfect “10” on the Moh’s scale. Due to their outstanding durability and damage resistance, diamonds are the perfect jewel for everyday wear. Additionally, diamonds are incredibly versatile and can match almost any outfit and any occasion. 

Give your special someone the perfect anniversary gift with a set of 14kt White Gold Diamond Stud Earrings. These carry a total weight of 3.03ct round brilliant diamonds. Their size allows for intricate facets to enhance the diamond itself and bring a touch of sparkle and class to the wearer. 

Diamonds Aren’t Just a Girl’s Best Friend. They Can Also Be a Man’s


18kt White Gold Men Custom Design Ring of 5.63ct diamonds M-176250 

A perfectly crafted diamond ring says as much about the man you love as it expresses your love for him. A diamond is the perfect symbol of the strength and endurance that you cherish in your partner. It speaks of a man whose love for you is as everlasting as the diamond gift itself. Worn by kings and other men of note, a signet ring is one of the most enduring jewelry pieces for men. Traditionally, these rings bear the symbol of the wearer sealing or signing important documents. Today, it lives on as a ring that contains precious stones such as diamonds.
The 18kt White Gold Men Custom Design Signet Ring of 5.63ct diamonds is the perfect gift for the king in your life. With a round brilliant cut center of 1.63ct diamond framed by 4ct diamonds on an 18kt white gold signet ring, nothing else in the world as accurately represents the love for your man that can transcend even time itself.

Diamonds Have Been Given As Gifts for Centuries


 Fascinating Cushion Cut 14k White Gold Engagement Ring, 7.63ct TDW

Though evidence of the use of diamonds as jewelry dates back to ancient times, the first recorded instance when diamond jewelry was given as a romantic gift was in 1477 when Archduke Maximilian of Austria proposed marriage to Mary of Burgundy. Diamonds at that time were a rarity reserved only for the elites.


The diamond’s rarity, beauty, and resilience epitomize the characteristics of a solid and everlasting union. With its 5.03ct main stone surrounded with brilliant cut diamonds framed in 14k white gold, the Fascinating Cushion Cut 14k White Gold Engagement Ring, 7.63ct TDW is a fitting symbol of the unceasing strength of love in a marriage. What else can be a more apt remembrance of your wedding than an engagement-style ring that tells her that you would marry her all over again?

Every Diamond Is Uniquely Beautiful

 White Gold Graduated Tennis Necklace

14kt White Gold Graduated Tennis Necklace, NEC-60000 

Just like your special someone, every diamond is unique. The “imperfections” embedded in each gem set it apart from all others, making it as unique as your special someone is to you. Just like diamonds, they are also precious, enduring, and beautiful through your loving eyes. What enhances the beauty of the diamond are the cuts made on it. These facets provide brilliance by creating a captivating way for a diamond to reflect light. A brilliant and unique diamond is a symbol for all the things that make your loved one a unique gem in your eyes. 

What better way to commemorate a sparkling life with your special someone than something that is set with brilliantly-cut diamonds. The captivating charm of diamonds is perfectly set in this 14kt White Gold Graduated Tennis Necklace 2.75ct with a center stone and 29.95cw diamonds. Let each diamond represent a wonderful year you have had together.

Diamonds are Indestructible

White Gold Three Row Tennis Bracelet 14k White Gold Three Row Tennis Bracelet features 15.0ct. TDW BRA-6500 

The name itself means “indestructible” in Greek. The ancient Greeks once believed that diamonds were tears from the Gods or pieces of heaven that had fallen from the sky. Because of its beauty, strength, and rarity, what has been given divine associations has now become a symbol of enduring power, love, and everything that makes the wearer remarkable.

What sweeter day is there to express your love again than a memorable occasion like an anniversary? Say “I Love You” without even speaking when you give her the 14k White Gold Three Row Tennis Bracelet with 15.0ct diamonds. These three words are meant to last forever, and these words could rarely be expressed more profoundly than by three rows of brilliance borne by diamonds.

Takeaways: Diamonds are the perfect anniversary gift

 The value of a diamond transcends the dollars it cost to purchase them, especially once they are cut and set in jewelry to enhance their innate beauty. A tremendous amount of work goes into each piece, first by nature and then by skilled jewelers, to provide you with an extraordinary, profound, and truly memorable expression of your love. As far as gifts go, nothing expresses and symbolizes your never-ending love for your special someone as well as diamond jewelry does. Which is why diamonds are perfect for anniversary gifts.

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