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Garnet is a January Birthstone

What is the History of Garnet Jewelry? 

In case you’re searching for a present for a special person born in January, the lovely garnet is your go-to. This old gemstone was once believed to give unceasing satisfaction, wellbeing, and good luck to the individuals who wear it. Less mysteriously, it’s known as the “Gem of Faith” and seen as an image of pure friendship. Notwithstanding what you trust, garnet makes an extraordinary present for those conceived in January or for anybody you love and cherish. Garnets have reasonable for good durability, making them sturdy enough for all adornments styles as long as they are treated with the best possible consideration. Garnets ought not be exposed to any hard blows or rough wear. 

Earrings with garnet






Who should wear a Garnet and Why?

Garnet is known as the Stone of Health. It can help dispose of the negative energies and change them to positive ones. It’s a decent gemstone for cleaning and detoxification, particularly with regards to the blood, heart, and lungs. 

Individuals who wish to be monetarily solid, have issues in their hitched life, or confronting challenges in getting hitched or offspring may be recommended to wear this mending stone. Wearing a Garnet in the wake of reciting the required Vedic Mantras can likewise bring fame, wealth, achievement and great luck. Garnet is the suggested gemstone for the second and 6th wedding anniversary. It is additionally connected with the astrological signs of Aquarius and Leo. 


Garnet ring is additionally trend as Rahu ring since it is identified with the shadow of Rahu planet. This appeal is appreciated everywhere throughout the world as per the Vedas as it helps the wearer in reducing his earthly desires and furthermore break the existence cycle of birth and death. Garnet is additionally implied for adjusting and simulating the Chakra system from the Base Chakra till the Crown Chakra.When people meditate with this gemstone they encounter the reasonable and empowered feeling and become prepared to grab all the things that the world tosses towards them.

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From ruby red to smoky brown, garnet birthstones shimmer with color. Garnet gets its name from the pomegranate, as it looks to some extent like its seeds. Regardless of whether you’re searching for garnet adornments for yourself or for someone celebrating a January birthday, you’ll cherish the collection of garnet rings, necklaces, charms, bracelets, and more at  Diamond Source. We have something for everybody who adores garnet birthstones!