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Garnet is Aquarius Zodiac Stone ♒️

Those who think that stones are cold and useless part of nature are deeply mistaken. Everything that surrounds us in this world has its own meaning. When we are talking about stones, then their importance for human is difficult to overestimate. Nature has endowed with powerful energy even the most common stones. The confirmation of this is mean to be those incredible feelings that arise if elementary lean against a boulder. And don’t even ask about the Zodiac stones?

Garnet is Aquarius Zodiac Stone

Garnet is called so in the name of garnet fruit

Real magic is already working here. People knew about it many centuries ago and successfully used it. For example, warriors always carried with them minerals that accelerate wound healing. Women decorate themselves with stones, which emphasized their exclusivity. Unfortunately, today many people do not know what one or another stone presents to human. That is why we want to restore justice. In our blog we will talk about many amazing stones. And we will dedicate this article to one of the Aquarius stones.

Interesting historical facts about garnet

If you dream of igneous love and loyalty, then be sure to wear jewelry with garnet. It will also help inflame the passion of your partner and keep forever the reverential attitude in a pair. This mineral will attract the views of others to its owner, as it will provide her with gorgeous appearance. This mineral is mysterious and inimitable. It is simply impossible to resist the magical plays of this gem. Jewelry with garnet can be ordered from us at Diamond Source NYC.

It is not at all surprising that many amazing legends have been made about this precious stone. However there is a version that small garnet stones are droplets of water that froze, and after that they were dyed with the blood of fallen soldiers in battles. In addition mongolian legends refer to gem that is hardened dragon blood, capable of bestowing power before the battle. The Crusaders considered this Zodiac stone to be a symbol of victory, and they always took it with them on crusades.

Garnet is Aquarius Zodiac stone

Albert Magnus called this stone in the name of fruit

The dark red gemstone was popular with the nobility of ancient Egypt. It was famous in Persia and in the Roman Empire. People decorated cups and other decoration items of palaces. Furthermore the name “garnet”, in honor of the fruit of the same name with similar fruits, was given to the gem by the medieval German philosopher and alchemist Albert Magnus.

What is this Zodiac Stone?

This Aquarian stone is distinguished by the complex molecular structure. Because of this, it has a number of distinctive properties, including:

  • noticeable shine, which can vary from unexpressed glass to the fascinating brilliant.
  • varying degrees of transparency: from transparent specimens to fully filled with ruby languid color.
  • mineral density is average, and Mohs hardness does not exceed 7.5.
  • the ability of magnetization and electrization (rub the garnet with mohair sweater, and it will immediately begin to attract hairs to itself).
  • rich color spectrum.

Strength of Garnet crystals

When stones are crushed, an uneven surface forms in the places of cleavage. The crystals have sufficient strength when exposed to both chemicals and high temperature.

Gemstone jewelry

Gemstone jewelry

Why Garnet is Aquarius Zodiac stone? Because it removes the coldness inherent in the people of this zodiac sign. Therefore we call it the “passion stone” because it awakens the sexual temperament and inflames the soul. He is able to increase self-attitude, as well as facilitate childbirth.

Gemstone jewelry will especially please women Aquarius. A gift in the form of earrings will be a wonderful symbol of beginning of relationship. An elegant garnet bracelet will provide cheerfulness and incredible optimism. Raven-head woman will look in special way, putting on gemstones jewelry with it in the form of necklace. Even kings in ancient times preferred to decorate their crowns with garnets. So the young lady who wears a tiara with this chic gem will gain power.

Custom jewelry available at Diamond Source NYC

Garnet is Aquarius Zodiac stone framed in gold or silver looks rich. Diamond Source NYC happy to produce for our clients the most amazing jewelry with these gemstones. Contact us and we will help to deliver unforgettable moments of joy to your beloved Aquarius woman.

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