Fancy Yellow Diamonds, sparkling like rays of the sun ūüíé‚ėÄÔłŹ

Not many people can resist the sunshine of fancy yellow diamonds. Diamonds are rightly called the most magnificent stones of existing on our planet. They delight us with the richness of natural shades, which varies from utterly transparent to deep black. Therefore, some connoisseurs are fans of pink or red diamonds, while others prefer blue or green.  

18k White Gold Two Tone Diamond Engagement Ring with 7.19ct Total Diamond Weight

Nature needs thousands, maybe millions of years, to reproduce a yellow diamond. It is born deep in the bowels of the Earth‚Äôs crust. It is required a stable high temperature with constant high pressure for its formation. The presence of these factors contributes to the birth of ‚Äúsolar miracle‚ÄĚ, which is called the yellow diamond. Moreover, if we add the impeccable professionalism of the organizers to the incredible efforts of Nature. Then masterpieces appear in the form of¬†fancy yellow diamonds. ¬†They are simply divine.¬†Diamond jewelry¬†attracts eyes, beckons, becomes desirable.¬†Diamond Source NYC¬†is always ready to make the dreams of our customers come true. Here you can find fantastic jewelry with¬†yellow diamonds, and if necessary, we will build custom jewelry piece for you.

Why it is worth having jewelry with yellow diamonds

Are there people in the world who cannot pay attention to diamond jewelry? Similarly, that is, but a significant minority. Since these minerals, regardless of the form of cut, are one of the most beautiful gemstones. They delight the eye with their perfection. Fancy yellow diamonds have unique properties. Furthermore, their aesthetic appearance can give much joy, warm the soul and, thus, tune in a positive way. Like bright sunshine made their way through the dark clouds of everyday life.

14kt yellow gold Engagement Ring With Center Diamond 1.04ct Fancy Yellow Pear Shape EN-4563000

Yellow diamonds have always been the symbol of prosperity and success

It is interesting! Yellow diamonds have always been the personification of prosperity and success. They were considered as stones of highly spiritual people. The priests in ancient times worn them in the form of jewelry. There is a belief that fancy yellow diamonds give their owners the gift of persuasion, help them to demonstrate their oratorical abilities.

It has long been observed that color diamonds, in particular, of yellow color, have miraculous power.

  1. They will help get rid of harmful addictions, including tobacco, alcohol or drugs.
  2. They are also used in alternative medicine. In particular, yellow diamonds will help in the treatment of joint pain, bronchitis, asthma.
  3. For those who want to lose weight, it is also useful to buy jewelry with this stone, because it speeds up the metabolism.

In conclusion, the positive effect of colored diamonds on a person’s emotional sphere has also been established. It is said that they can relieve fatigue, which is forgotten when you look at the beautiful highlights. A person, concentrating on a beautiful, mysteriously flickering stone, relaxes, forgets about accumulated irritation or anger. Finds harmony in communication with others and self-confidence. As a result, people get rid of depression and insomnia. Yes, each has his reason for deciding to buy flawless diamond jewelry.

Stunning 18k white gold earrings with white and yellow diamond NE-172205

However, if you want to make the right choice, then Diamond Source NYC is at your service. We will help you choose the best jewelry masterpiece that will please only you.

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