How to care for white gold jewelry

Before you start reading about the methods of White Gold Care, let’s talk about what white gold is and how it differs from traditional gold. Firstly we will note, that gold in a pure form unfits for jewelry making, as it is one of the most soft, and at the same time heavy metals, cause of its high density. The jewelries made of it will be fragile, short-life and too expensive. That’s why the certain alloys includes other metals to the gold.

Men's 14k white gold ring with 1.32ct diamonds RN-2706

Few words about white gold

Depending on the quantity and set of additives, the desired shade of the metal and the required quality can be obtained. So, if you will add silver and copper to gold, you can receive alloys from light-yellow to red shades and to receive even the greenish tones. Thanks to such components connection, the material has an average melting point, and its plasticity and high indexes of ductility are preserved.

And to receive a white gold, it should be made a usual alloy, where there will be added a platinum, palladium and nickel. Thanks to such alloy, the White Gold Jewelries have an attractive look and excellent service properties. 

18k White Gold has 75% of pure gold

An important meaning has the alloy’s caratage, correlation of the pure gold and alloys. 18k White Gold has 75% of pure gold. And accordingly in 14k White Gold, this index is equal to 58,3%. That’s why 18k White Gold is some softer and the jewelries, made of it, require more careful care, then the jewelries made of 14k White Gold. However, it is not a problem for the jewelers. And all thanks to the rhodium sputtering, when a White Gold covering during production.

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Emerald Earrings 18kt white gold with 6ctw stone and 5ct white diamonds EAR9000

Clean White Gold Ring by yourself or bring it to us!

As we have already found out, the composition of white gold affects both the look of the products, which are made of it, and the aspect how it will be worn, and what White Gold Maintenance is necessary. You can Clean White Gold Ring by yourself or bring it to us.

Important!!! It is worth noting that only regular care for white gold will allow you to keep jewelry in perfect condition and even gentle methods and products will give the desired effect of clearness and glowing.

How to clean jewelry at home

You can Clean White Gold Ring with liquid soap, dish-washing liquid or shampoo. If the impurities are more persistent, then it can be used soda or gel for tooth cleaning.  The White Gold Care should be done in the best manner in the following order.

Here is the guide of how to clean white gold jewelry at home. What you need to do:

  • collect warm water in a small reservoir;
  • add in it a small quantity of washing agent and to dissolve it;
  • put in the received solution the jewelries and leave for 15-20 minutes;
  • use a soft sponge or a cotton bud to clean the surfaces of the products, paying a special attention to the small deepenings and gaps, in which there can be often collected the dust and dirt.

Cleaning white gold should be completed by washing of the jewelries under the running water and soaking it with a dry cloth. Similarly, you can perform White Gold Care with baking soda. For this, it must be completely dissolved in warm water, adhering to the ratio of 2 teaspoons of the substance per 200 ml of water. And if you decided to clean your jewelries with toothpaste, it is better to choose the gel texture.

Ruby Bracelet 18k white gold with 13.96ct white diamonds and 7.85ct ruby stones BRA-2020

We don’t recommend using for the White Gold Care the scotch-bright pads and brooms

We don’t recommend using for the White Gold Care the scotch-bright pads and brooms. The abrasive products with hard granules will not be also suitable. They can leave scratches on the surface, which will ruin an attractive look of the jewelries. You should take a good care for your White Gold Jewelries. And do not forget to visit more often the site of the Diamond Source NYC. We have a lot of interesting things for you.

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