Diamond pendant: impressive detail of a flawless look

Any image is created with the help of separate details that fit the style, complementing one another. In most cases it is impossible to be without chain with pendent. For example, a laconic classic is perfect for a business suit. And for going out a stylish solitaire diamond pendant will be irreplaceable. It is the embodiment of femininity and sophistication, luxury and aristocracy. This is the dream of every girl who knows a lot about precious jewelry. And Diamond Source NYC will help to make it come true. We offer our customers diamond pendants of inexpressible beauty in a huge assortment. Even the most sophisticated of them will be able to pick up the wonderful creation of jewelers, which by hundreds of diamond rays will emphasize the elegance and beauty of the female neck and décolleté. We are also ready to make custom diamond pendant, making your dreams come true.

14kt White Gold Solitaire With halo of 2.31ct diamonds NEC-21500

Halo diamond pendant: give your beloved the sense of care

How sexy a diamond shining in a halo looks on a thin gold chain in a dimple at the base of its neck. It pulls to itself like a star in the sky, promising a heavenly delight from touching by lips her delicate skin! And what is it, if not a beautiful halo diamond pendant.

For those who are not ready to propose yet, but already want to present jewelry, in order to confirm passionate love, it is appropriate to dwell on the halo diamond pendant. After all, from such a gift Your sweetheart will have shivers running up and down spine when you fasten the chain around her neck. This is so exciting.

How sexy a diamond shining in a halo setting looks!

Oval-Cut Ruby Pendant with Diamond Double Halo 18kt White Gold PEN-5750

And in the future, the question of how to choose the engagement ring will not seem very sharp and difficult. After all, the symbol of engagement in the same style of halo will be a great addition to the halo diamond pendant. And your girlfriend will wear this kit with great pleasure.

Solitaire diamond pendant: size matters  

Nowadays, there are many diamond pendants. They differ in many ways. There are works made of different types of gold, platinum, as well as combined. Yes, and inlay can be very diverse. However, those who know a lot about jewelry will definitely choose a solitaire diamond pendant. That is all because such works are more valued. In addition, they are divided into many models. In some, the diamond is its main part, in others it is complemented by a complex pattern of multicolored gold. Those that are made in simple geometric forms of light metal are particularly popular. Their distinctive feature is the location of one large diamond. It is located somewhere on the side, which creates a certain charm.
18k White Gold Heart Diamond Pendant 3.00ct tdw APD-4446

Diamond pendant looks gently, but stylish

In the daylight diamond pendant looks gently, but stylish. And when dusk is falling and electricity is turned on, then the second life of an accessory with a magic stone that lights up in various colors begins. You can always buy flawless diamond pendant by going to the website of Diamond Source NYC. And for our clients who dream of having a unique product, we will make custom diamond pendant in order to take into account all of the desires.


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