Wedding Bands: The History of Wedding Bands and its Significance

Weddings Bands – only a piece of jewelry?

Most people have never questioned the significance of the Wedding Bands and they are only considered to be a piece of jewelry. The costlier they are, the more love, it seems, is between the couple, but it is not always true. In this age, where marriages are meant to stay forever, one should know the significance of wedding bands.

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It is believed some 5000 years ago, the Egyptians used the rushes and reeds, twisted and braided them together into rings to be worn by women. The circle for the Egyptians and many other ancient cultures was a symbol of eternity with no beginning or end. The hole in the center was considered to be the door or a gateway leading to things or events known and unknown. To give a woman a ring, signifies never-ending and eternal love.Since these rings never lasted too long, they were replaced by rings of leather, bone or ivory and the Romans got their rings engraved. The value of the rings demonstrated the wealth of the giver, which happens in this age too.

Much later the Christians used rings at weddings and were used to signify the union of two hearts or people. Some say the Wedding Bands are worn on the fourth finger of the left hand as this fingers vein is directly connected to the heart, but frankly there is no such thing. Scientist says that it is worn on the fourth finger of the left hand to save it from any injury or wear and tear as this finger is used quite less compared to the other fingers.

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Various types of Wedding Bands are available all over the world today, but at Diamond Source NYC, you will find rings which suit you and your partner the best. We have a wide range of wedding bands made of a variety of precious metals and diamond. You can choose anything you like from our store or ask us to custom make one for you. Suppose you like diamond and your partner is more fascinated about gold, then why not customize a band where both these metals are braided together to form a beautiful  band symbolizing your love and how you both are going ahead on the road of union as equals and that you love and respect each other’s choices.

 Diamond Source NYC is the best place to buy your wedding bands as they not only provide you with a variety of products but are also very cautious about the quality of the metal used to make the bands and only sell trademarked bands.Wedding Bands often have emotions attached to them and, therefore, should be bought carefully. Some things to be kept in mind while selecting your wedding bands are:

  1. Don’t look at too my bands 

    Shop with a goal, since seeing too many bands can be confusing. Narrow down your search and then go for the perfect one.
  1. Start early 

    Start searching for your bands early as sometimes custom bands and bands with engravings takes some time to be made. It also gives you the time to search for the best.
  1. Take partner’s opinion

    Don’t go alone, since it should be a mutual decision and prefer taking the other person while shopping for your perfect wedding bands.
  1. Fix a budget

    As these bands can be costly, fix a budget for them from before and save up for that perfect band you want to buy. You can find a perfect wedding band at a lesser anticipated price as well instead, which can help you use the left over money for the reception.
  1. Try your bands before purchasing

    Before you purchase the wedding bands try them on and see how they fit. If not, try something else and see whether they are comfortable or not, or order any changes required.
  1. Will it last long?

    Before buying those bands, remember they have to last long, say 40-50 years, so select the ones which you think will last that long. Go for a diamond band – as said, a diamond is forever!
  1. Maintenance 

    Wedding bands with stones and gems are quite difficult to maintain and clean, if you want, you can go for plain and simple gold or platinum bands also that are easier to maintain.
  1. Check the quality before purchase

    Before buying the rings the most important thing to check for are the manufacturer’s trademark and quality mark. In case it has a combination of two metals, you have to make sure that both metals have their quality mark engraved on the inner side of the ring.

Now that you know what to keep in mind while buying your next Wedding Bands, it sure will be simpler and easier. Instead of running around in circles to get that perfect bands, make sure you go to the right shop and get what you want. 

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Diamond Source NYC, is no doubt the best place to go and look for your wedding bands. Not only will we provide you with many options, but also provide you with the best bands in the budget you have in mind.Our staff is professionally proficient and trained and will be able to help you out quickly. Just tell us your requirement and we will find the perfect wedding bands, just for you.

Since we do not compromise on the quality of the product and offer the maximum resale value of any jewelry, we have become one of the most popular jewelry stores in the city today. Our popularity has spread to different parts of the country and yet we stand firmly rooted to the ground. The goal is to provide the maximum satisfaction to our clients.

While most stores cater to a specific section, Diamond Source NYC is a store for all and sells some of the best wedding bands and exquisitely beautiful jewelry from all over the world. Make your mind today, and get your wedding bands from our collection. Steal your partner’s heart with our alluring wedding bands and commence your enchanting story!