The Diamond Story

Every gemstone has a story that follows it from the extraction phase to how it is evolved to become precious and exquisite. We, at Diamond Source NYC, follow the precious stone right from the extraction and make it special on your ring.They say that a diamond is forever, and the ring that you might be wearing right now might have come from a distant land and processed after following a series of steps.

Diamond is considered as one of the most precious and rare materials that is found on our planet. Made of carbon, in its purest form, every piece of diamond follows a remarkable history of how it is turned to the natural marvel. After witnessing extreme pressure and heat, the pieces of carbon and formed into precious diamond crystals.

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The Story of your Diamond Ring

When you look at your beautiful diamond ring, you might not notice that the original stone might have come up from the magma of a volcano that landed up in a pile of large surface stones thousands or hundreds of years back. The stone, when washed away by rain and other natural events with the passage of time turns out to be the raw precious stone after a weathering process. The stones are also transported by rivers and other natural bodies and may be taken hundreds of kilometers away from their original place of origin.

From African countries like Tanzania, Liberia, and South Africa to Asian countries like China, India and Russia, and from the countries like Brazil, Venezuela, and Canada to Australia – Diamonds are discovered at different places across the globe.After discovering these stones, the rough diamonds are processed in diamond cutting centers. An art in itself, it takes immense skill and years of experience to cut a rough diamond and form it into a multi-faceted precious stone.

Since the stone is extremely hard, several tools and techniques and incorporated to shape the stone in alluring designs.Following a thoughtful and skilled polishing process, every piece is studied rigorously and marked for sawing. A grading laboratory usually examines the stone for its quality. The polishing process can be either the bruiting process or simple faceting. In bruiting, two diamonds are set into single axles in different directions against each other to maximize their shape and effect, while in faceting various facets of diamond are polished to enhance its lustrous qualities and shineIt is said that no two diamonds are alike.

When you are gifting a precious diamond ring asset to your loved ones, it means that you are presenting them a one of a kind gift. When judging a diamond, four main qualities are considered, which are also known as the 4 Cs: Carat weight, Color, Clarity, and Cut. Several practices and equipments and worked on a diamond in order to attain the above four characteristics. Every piece is analyzed by a quality expert to impart the best results.

The unit for measuring the purity of the diamond is known as Carat. A carat is equal to one-fifth of a gram. When a diamond is small and is measured in less than a carat, then it is usually expressed in points (one carat is equivalent to 100 points).As you might know, during the extraction process finding larger diamonds is extremely rare. The cost of a diamond is exponent to its carat weight and a premium and high-quality diamond will always cost more than the combination of other diamonds of lesser carat.

The cut of a diamond also matters a lot, as it brings out the appeal of the precious stone. The white and alluring light that a diamond reflects it termed as its brilliance. The cut is often used to identify how precious diamond is. Inclusions and blemishes are two kinds of clarity characteristics of a diamond. While inclusions are found inside the diamond, blemishes are found on the outer surface.Mostly diamond is known for its purity and subtle white colors, but often it can be found with tints of brown or yellow.

A grading color system has been built to scale diamond according to their lighting and color scale. Over 300 different shades and hues of diamond are identified so far. Most diamonds emit a bright blue light and other shades of colors when exposed to ultraviolet light. This phenomenon is also known as fluorescence. The property surely makes a diamond so fascinating and interesting to look at. After the final polishing, the marvel is created which has taken years to master.

What goes behind crafting such a small and lustrous object like a diamond is surely fascinating. We have a great range of diamond rings that uses genuine gemstone and precious metal. We believe in providing nothing but the best to our customers. The rings that are crafted are generally followed by a long distinctive series of steps.

Firstly, the claws of the ring, if the ring has a prominent prong setting are made in the design of the shank. The claws are then shaped in such a way that they are seamlessly attached to the shank. Afterward, the precious metal used to craft the ring is filled and shaped. The ring now goes to the polishing stage and then the claws are filled with the precious diamond that holds its prominent place in the ring. Again, the ring goes through a final polishing round to attain that flawless look before it is displayed on stores for you to purchase.

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Meant to last till the end of time, diamonds are considered to be unbreakable. One of the reasons, they are the prime choice for selecting engagement and weddings rings is because, just like love and the eternal passion between you and your loved one, diamond will also surely last forever, being a perfect symbol of your love.

The term diamond came from the Greek word “Adamas”, which literally means unbreakable and unconquerable. Right from their inception, they are termed as valuable and are considered synonymous with purity and strength. You can wear diamond every day, as it is resistance to any kind of scratching that might affect other gemstones due to wear and tear of daily life.The above diamond story was surely fascinating. If you are looking forward to commencing your own diamond story, then browse our collection of engagement rings and wedding bands, and gift something as eternal as your love to your precious one!