Amethyst – imperial gem of February!

For many centuries, mystical amethyst continues fascinating with attracting tints of purple. Ornamental stones of shining lilac tone fascinate. It is difficult to shift glance from the sensual dark-purple. Amethyst, the imperial gem of February, is perceived as a symbol of spirituality. It can present peace, wisdom, and also a sense of security.

Stunning 14k white gold purple amethyst and diamond cocktail ring RN-456400

Did you know that «amethyst» means «sober»?

Unambiguous name of the mineral. It comes from the Greek. In translation «amethyst» means «sober». In mythology of Ancient Greece the ornamental stones are given the property to keep the owner from the «poisoning force» of Dionysus, the Roman god of wine making. Legend has it that the one, wearing jewelry with a gem, always stayed with a clear mind.

Amethyst was used as decoration for the richest and most powerful rulers and monarchs.

It is known that traditionally the color of kings was considered purple-lilac. That is why amethyst was used as decoration for the richest and most powerful rulers and monarchs. Its majestic nature was the key to the special attitude to the gem of the British people. In the Middle Ages, they used it to decorate the family crests, merit badges, which symbolized power. 

Amethyst does not cease to be one of the popular stones nowadays

Nowadays amethyst does not cease to be one of the popular stones used in precious jewelry. They said that all Zodiac signs love amethyst, and it loves Pisces. To those who were born in February, it brings good luck and happiness, contributes to confidence gaining. In this precious gem wonderful jewelry is presented in Diamond Source NYC. We offer a variety of crystal tones, in white gold and platinum. If the client wishes, we can turn all his fantasies into reality by completing any jewelry order.  

Amethyst Earrings: a wonderful gift for Pisces women


Gorgeous 18k white gold diamond and purple amethyst long earrings EAR-18500

If you want to show your woman, that you wish her eternal youth, superior health and radiance of beauty, present her amethyst rings or amethyst earrings. This gift will be priceless for those women, who were born in February, so as this jewelry:

  • it will protect against adverse situations;
  • will save from reckless actions;
  • will help to find not only love, but also true friends.

Whereby there are many variants for gemstones jewelries. Amethyst earrings in yellow or red gold look perfectly, emphasizing the femininity of its owner, indicating the harmony of her nature. Amethyst in white gold looks gentle and sensual. Amethyst earrings, in which the main ornamental stone is surrounded by diamonds or other precious minerals, look beautiful.  

Amethyst ring: harmony itself

Amethyst ring – is a wonderful jewelry, which looks quite picturesque and very noticeable. The jewelry will make its owner unique, standing her out from the crowd, emphasizing her status.

Those who want to become pregnant are recommended to wear amethyst

However, the beauty of the amethyst ring takes a back seat, if we talk about the magical features of the jewelry. It neutralizes negative energy by taking it over. It is noticed that with regular wearing of a ring with green quartz, memory improves, logical thinking develops. And besides, amethyst ring can protect against colds, have a positive effect on the kidneys and liver. Those women who want to become pregnant and men who suffer from infertility are recommended to wear this gemstone jewelry.

Fashion ring features center 13 mm in Radius Pink Amethyst RN-8000

With Diamond Source NYC you can solve a plenty of personal problems with the help of gemstones jewelry, as well as having amazing amethyst accessories in your jewelry box. Among the wide range of our jewelries, everyone will find what will make the heart beat louder.

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