Fancy Brown Diamonds – the most luxury diamonds 💎

Brown Diamonds today are also called cognac because of the tone which is pretty to look at, reminding a noble drink color.

Fancy Brown Diamonds

Color Diamonds are simply amazing, that is why they can decorate any collection. Besides, buying jewelry with Fancy Brown Diamonds is the most benefit investment nowadays. Australian government is planning to close the Argyle diamond mine in Australia in nearest future. It is one of three places on the planet where they mines brown diamonds. More than a half of these precious gems are from there. Unfortunately, its reserves are exhausting. It points to the fact that a shortage in the market is expected. And where there is a shortage – there is always a high price.

A few words from the history

It should be noted that cognac diamonds acquired their popularity relatively recently. Being famous during many years, they were used in technical purposes exclusively. And only in 2001 at Art Basel art exhibition, the Italian designer Pasquale Bruni revealed a sparkling unusual cognac diamond to the world. Jewelries with gems worked by the hands of a famous jeweler made a stunning sensation. Pendants, pendant ornaments, rings and earrings with color diamonds, reminding the tones of cognac and cinnamon, looked very advantageous in a yellow gold frame.

Luxury jewelry for fancy Brown Diamonds

Now it has become luxury jewelry for the members of high society

Since that time many fashionistas dream about having diamond jewelries of Cognac color. That is how cheap diamond got its second life. Now it has become luxury jewelry for the representatives of high society.

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Brown Diamond and its wide color range

Brown Diamond and its wide color range

Color Diamonds are presented in 9 basic colors depending on the color density and extraneous matters included in the composition. Each of them, in turn, is subdivided into nine degrees of coloring. Wherein, the density influences directly the price of diamond jewelry. The most expensive will be works with fancy vivid and fancy deep tones. At the same time, each tone is assigned a special name. Among them:

  • Chocolate, stands for to the rich dark brown stone, which reminds chocolate color;
  • Champagne, stands for the color diamond which color is similar to the color of sparkling wine, that is, having a light brown tone;
  • Cognac stands for a diamond with a very light, slightly noticeable brownish tone.

In GIA classification they also called as honey, coffee, walnut, gold, cinnamon, hazelnut and bronze

In addition to the three above mentioned, according to the accepted GIA classification there are also such names of Cognac diamonds as honey, coffee, walnut, gold, cinnamon, hazelnut, bronze. Each gem is charming and unique in its own way. Inlaid with yellow or red gold, which emphasize the game of its color, it can emphasize the unique style of its owner, her personality.


Variety of Engagement rings with Brown Diamonds

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