Aquamarine – gemstone of March

Magic Aquamarine: March birthstone

Ornamental stones attract people’s attention for many centuries. They lure by their extraordinary beauty and mystery. Since the dawn of time astrologers used their magic properties. And today astrologers and esoterics cannot work without them. According to the prevailing opinion, each Zodiac sign has its own lucky gem. For those who were born in March, this is a wonderful aquamarine. It got its name because of being similar to solidified sea water, which is translated from the Latin as «sea water». The gem has the color of the limitless ocean, it has been a faithful companion of seafarers since ancient times.

blue Aquamarine ring with 1.00CT in diamonds


Its unique quality is the ability not to lose its brilliance and brightness even in the evening sunset or in poor electric lighting. Quite the opposite, in the twilight its brilliance becomes even brighter. However, it reacts to the mood and condition of its owner. If all is well, then aquamarine is pure blue like a drop of dew. When the owner is in danger, he is in a bad mood, the ornamental stone becomes cloudy and starts darkening.

Astrologers associate aquamarine with the Moon, Jupiter and Mars. Being March stone , the month of nature awakening, reviving it after the winter cold, it helps to preserve the family hearth, to hammer out differences between the spouses. It is also said that gemstones jewelry can even protect its owner from the works of the devil.

It is important to know! Aquamarine is a wonderful gift that is usually presented to just married or spouses for the anniversary of the wedding. Embodying harmony and peace in relationships, the ornamental stones symbolizes honesty and loyalty.

The special beauty of aquamarine provided it the love of jewelry connoisseurs. The goldsmiths work with pleasure with it, creating excellent examples of mastery. These are the ones you can buy from us, Diamond Source NYC. A huge selection of works with aquamarine, combining the cold of ice and the warmth of the tropical sky is presented in our catalogue. Jewelries differ jewelries with these magical gemstones by unique splendor, that is why, will be a worthy gift for both men and women, regardless of their age or occupation.

Beautiful 18K white gold 8.31CT Aquamarine ring


Aquamarine Ring: the beauty of the sea wave on hand

Aquamarine ring is a perfect jewelry for those who were born in March. It can double the manifestation of the good sides of the character of its owner. And negative, conversely, become less noticeable. When wearing an aquamarine ring, their owners, become more balanced. They are free to let go of unnecessary experiences, stresses and any commotions.

Aquamarine ring is perfect gift for engagement, as the stone symbolizes pure and faithful love. At the same time, you can choose jewelry with ornamental stone of various shapes: from a simple but elegant rectangle to an intricate heart shape.

Stylish and gold aquamarine – is a perfect complement to the strict image of a modern, purposeful man. Aristocratic ring with transparent blue aquamarine in white gold will suit a businessman. Creative and expressive men will like bold designer signets, for example, an imitation of a square aquamarine bracelets with large edges in the middle.

Aquamarine Earrings: elegance and charm

Aquamarine earrings give the fair sex a special charm, make her image more elegant. That is why this trend accessory is a dream of many young girls and ladies with life experience.

Being a classic for a long time, aquamarine earrings are very popular. The tandem of aquamarine and gold visually rejuvenates its owner, giving her more charisma.

Jewelry of white and yellow gold or platinum, perfectly complementing the sky-blue color of the gem, which can be purchased at Diamond Source NYC, can create a miracle and turn even a modest girl into a charming beauty. We will help you to choose works with these gemstones jewelries that fit the most different styles, will be appropriate in the office, on a walk around the city or at a festive occasion.

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