Gemstone Engagement ring: brilliance, pleasing the heart!

To make an offer of marriage to your beloved is not an easy task. It can be equated with the transition to a completely different reality. And to someone it seems equivalent to a jump from a high cliff. That is why even the most brutal man feels insecure around the marvelous shop window with the shining rings, which today, as well as long time ago, are the most popular present for a girl during an engagement.

Platinum Engagement Diamond Ring featured with 5.59ct TCW ENG-75003

There is a single traditional design of this jewelry, symbolizing boundless love and tenderness. The classic option is Gemstone Engagement ring. Diamonds are more often used for inlay. However, “more often” does not mean “always.” And if this is your point of view, then just for you Diamond Source NYC presents unique jewelry with irresistible sapphires or regal rubies. We will help you to find such a Gemstone Engagement ring, a look at which will evoke delight and admiration of your beloved woman.

Sapphire Engagement Ring: jewel with “favorite piece of sky”

For those who are looking for a non-standard Gemstone Engagement ring, an excellent solution would be the option where the diamond is replaced with a “favorite piece of sky.” That is how “sapphire” translates from Sanskrit.

Sapphire Engagement ring will always be a worthy jewel for a girl who will soon become the keeper of the family hearth. A magnificent and powerful sapphire is a stone with an impeccable reputation. No wonder that Sapphire Engagement ring was chosen by Princess Diana. Unfortunately, she was not lucky in marriage. She was forced to marry Prince Charles, who loved Camilla Shand, his real wife. For this reason, he did not even think about the romantic proposal of the hand and heart. He acted coldly and formally, bringing Diana the catalog of the jewelry house Garrard, serving the English royal court since 1843. He offered her to make a choice of symbolic jewelry on her own. As you know, Diana Spencer, the daughter of an English aristocrat, always had impeccable taste, and she loved sapphires very much. That is why she chose a beautiful Sapphire Engagement ring, which she wore constantly and did not take off even after the divorce. Today it shows itself on the finger of Kate Middleton, the wife of the eldest son of Diana William.

Elegant Engagement Ring with 2.00ct Center Blue Sapphire and two Diamonds ENG-12503

Sapphire is considered a magical stone. They say that the jewel with it has a positive effect on the energy field of its owner, protecting her from the negative. Also, Sapphire Engagement ring, among other things, is considered a talisman of chastity and female virtue. Amazing and unique jewelry with a stone of the color of the endless sky can be found at Diamond Source NYC showroom.

Ruby Engagement Ring: a combination of beauty and luxury

Rubies are always rightfully referred to the noble gems. Rich household utensils of powerful families were decorated by them; they nobly sparkled on the crowns of the rulers. And if you want to give your beloved a piece of radiance of luxury, present a Ruby Engagement Ring at the moment you offer her hand and heart.

By changing his shades from the traditional red to bright purple, it is able to select the owner with its rich brilliance. A Ruby Engagement Ring will be a true jewel for a bright girl who is not afraid to be her true self, unlike others. Jewelry with this precious stone even in the simplest design will give its owner an incredible charm and depth.

Beautiful Color Stone Cocktail Ring with center Ruby and side Diamonds NE-175000

Ruby Engagement Ring is an excellent choice, as the stone itself is associated with passionate love; it has magical power and the ability to bring lovers together. Delightfully spectacular, these decorations are worthy represented by Diamond Source NYC. Our team will always help you to choose the best modern engagement ringthat will become a symbol of your happy family life.

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