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Diamond Bracelet – Love Forever

Diamond Bracelet – is grace and brilliance, which can’t leave indifferent any of the fair sex. It is one of the most exquisite jewelry. According to the historians’ claims, bracelets appeared in the Stone Age. Originally, leather and fur were used for their producing. Metal accessories appeared with the production development. Bronze was especially popular in the medieval period. However, the time went on, and jewelers learned how to create luxury diamond bracelets. Which still strike with their preciosity. It is difficult to find a girl who wouldn’t fall in love from the first sight with this miracle.

White Gold Diamond Bracelet MEM-25000

For your loved ones

If you want to make a luxurious present to your lady, then Diamond Source NYC will strike You with the variety of presented models. Each diamond bracelet is absolutely irreproachable.

We have ideas:

  • for romantic persons and business ladies;
  • for very young girls and persons of a certain age;
  • as amazing accessory for office suit, or evening dress.

We will help you to choose jewelry, that will emphasize and ennoble the image of its owner. Will make him mysterious and charming.

Tennis bracelet – jewelry with history

Traditionally tennis bracelet is flexible, made of platinum or white gold construction. It is studded with diamonds of the same size. Currently is it considered to be stylish to wear several tennis bracelets simultaneously. The union of jewelries, made of various valuable materials, looks very impressive.

14kt white gold diamond tennis bracelet 14.76ct diamonds BRA-1715600

Did you know that term “Tennis Bracelet” was first mentioned in 1987?

In 1987 both the jewelry and its name obtained special popularity, after the incident with star tennis player Chris Evert. During the match on the open championship of the USA, Chris’ adorable bracelet flew off her wrist. The jewelry was so important to her that she asked to stop the competition and started looking for it. When answering the journalists’ questions, Chris Evert called the bracelet «tennis bracelet».

Since then this jewelry is widely popular, it has a special name and more than 30 years it remains at zenith of fashion.  

Cuff bracelet: marvelous «shackles»  

Cuff bracelet is widely regarded as a centuries-old trend, so as the history of the jewelry, by which our contemporaries are also amazed, stretches from several thousand years B.C. Then it covers the middle ages. Despite its antiquity, the handcuffs are still very popular. It is difficult to imagine in what ancient state it was born. Almost in each culture from China to Peru these amazing works are represented in one form or another.  

14kt white gold diamond bracelet 13.00ct diamonds BRA-40875

New era for Cuff bracelets have begun in 2011

Having conquered the fashionable world catwalks at the beginning of the twentieth century, the cuff bracelet was the favorite jewelry of the famous French fashion designer Coco Chanel. However, after the upswing of its popularity, the accessory was consigned to oblivion for a long time. And only fabulous cruise collection Celine 2011 revived cuff bracelet. Nowadays this treasure is of the most eccentric fame and is on the top of trendy jewelry.    

Adjustable Bracelet: for every occasion

An adjustable bracelet is unique jewelry. It can become a wonderful accessory for present. So as, due to its specificity, it will fit any hand. If to pull it up it will never slide off the thin wrist. At the same time, the presence of a special adjustment will provide the owner of chubby hands with comfortable wearing of a diamond bracelet. That is why it is safe to say that adjustable bracelet will help to get out of an awkward moment when choosing a present.

You can get all types of modern Diamond Bracelets form us

Concluding, if you want to make your sweetheart happy, the company Diamond Source NYC will suggest you diamond bracelet made of white, pink or yellow gold, as well as of platinum. They can be with a thin chain and inlaid with a scattering of diamonds. You can choose variants with big diamonds. Striking with the immaculate cut of diamonds, perfect forms and breadth of design flight, Diamond Source NYC will become another shining love confession for Your loved one.

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