Diamond Earrings are the Jewelry of Your Dreams

Nowadays it is difficult to be fashionable if not to say that this is not given to everyone. There are so many different nuances that you need to spend a lot of time and money to stay in trend. Fashion is in constant dynamics, thanks to designers that find something new every day. The jewelers creating the unique collections for each next season are not far behind the general trends. Diamond earrings are one of the priorities of their work. However, today there is an opinion that chasing after a fashion is no longer fashionable. It is much more important to find your style, which will help to remain itself over the years. Diamond Source NYC will undoubtedly come to help.

Beautiful 18K white gold diamond long earrings EAR-172048

Each woman will find diamond earrings that are suitable for her among our range.  They emphasize her individuality, will look stylish with an evening dress, attracting the eyes of others with their play. Such jewelry will ensure the completeness of its owner’s image, highlighting her breathtaking smile and making her look more mysterious.

Stud Earrings

Diamonds have been in the spotlight for centuries. Jewelry with these stones is the object of desire. Diamond earrings have become a classic. Each woman of fashion will find a unique, stylish pair among the full range of earrings presented by Diamond Source NYC. Stud earrings are especially favorite. The earrings are universal earrings among other models. Small neat jewelry that harmoniously combines the brilliance and luxury of a precious stone with an expensive frame of gold or platinum. Competently selected stud earrings are appropriate both at special events and at business meetings. They will serve as perfect jewelry for a woman on a romantic date.

Diamond stud earrings 0.50ct tdw AER-13915-18kt

Drop Earrings

Drop earrings have remained their popularity for many years. It is worth noting that this jewelry looks excellent on both young ladies and ladies exposed by life experience. The reason for this is brevity, emphasizing the elegance of female forms. Even Hollywood stars recognized in the world of style icons don’t leave out in the cold drop earrings.  For all its seeming simplicity, these jewelry leaves full scope for the jewelers’ imagination. In the full range of our catalog you can choose the following items:

  • large or small size earrings;
  • attached directly to the clasp or the decorative part of the jewelry;
  • with stone, framed with metal or without setting;
  • round or oblong.

However, the earrings of this type look immaculate with diamonds. They are luxurious, which is why their mysterious brilliance wins the hearts of the fair sex.

Diamond drop earrings 0.76ct tdw AER-11511

Hoops Earrings

Hoops earrings also do not go out of fashion. They are also called the Congo because they came to us from the ancient African tribes of the Congo. However, improved by designers and jewelers, they have become an integral part of the modern wardrobe of a stylish woman. They are combined with different outfits. They are usually worn with a business suit. Women dressed in romantic style with hoops earrings look beautiful. Hoops earrings with diamonds look gorgeous. They often have fantastic decor. Such designer jewelry looks great with evening toilets. They are perfect for women of different types who prefer different styles.

18kt White Gold Hoop Earrings 6.00ct Diamonds EAR-174335

If you need a piece of jewelry, and you have stopped at diamond earrings, then team of Diamond Source NYC will help you choose the options that fully meet your desires. It will be a significant acquisition, and your woman will feel like a queen putting it on.

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