Halo Engagement Ring – The Object of Global Adoration

The presentation of a beautiful little ring with the proposal of the hand and heart has become a good tradition. The history of this touching tradition goes back centuries. It is said that its beginning was laid by the Austrian Archduke Maximilian in 1477. He loved the Duchess Maria of Burgundy very much and wanted her consent to marry. However, he was worried that an aristocrat of Franco-Belgian descent might prefer another man. That’s why he presented his darling an original piece of jewelry with the invitation to create a family. It is quite natural that the woman could not resist looking at the golden ring with the letter “M” lined with diamonds, which symbolizes the names of young people. She, of course, gave her consent.

Stunning Halo Engagement Ring With Center 1.35ct. Round Diamond RN-173500

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Halo engagement ring: Varieties

Diamonds are the main marriage jewelry for many centuries. The variety of jewelry designs is increasing exponentially. However, some of the most successful options appearing once, remain in trend for many decades. It is also applied to the Halo engagement ring, created at the beginning of the 20th century at the height of Art Deco. Halo is a Greek word that translates as “disc” or “setting.”

In appearance, it resembles a natural phenomenon, namely the Halo phenomenon, which is a luminous ring around the sun. Similarly, the large center stone is surrounded by a whole string of smaller stones, the so-called Halo setting in the Halo engagement rings. Amazingly, the leading role of the jewelry is performed by a large diamond, which attracts attention with its magic highlights. However, it can be replaced by a variety of small minerals, collected in such a way that it seems like a coherent whole.

Stunning Halo Engagement Ring With Center Round Diamond RN-173500

Modern jewelers are also creative in their designs

Modern jewelers are also creative in their design for Halo setting. There is also a large selection of options such as:

  • use the same or different small stones;
  • the central diamond is framed with sapphires or rubies, which looks very original;
  • decoration with small diamonds of a central colored stone.

Moreover, what a fantastic combination of the Halo engagement ring, if a yellow diamond is a central stone, and Halo consists of small white diamonds. This jewelry is worthy of the most beautiful girl in the world with whom you want to associate the rest of your life.   

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