Diamond Hoops Earrings: jewelry outside fashion and timeless

Diamonds are the best friends of the fair sex and it’s time proved. They always remain an unsurpassed gift that will make a jewelry box really precious. Diamonds are a profitable investment: both in relations with your beloved half, and in literally sense of the word. Diamond Hoop Earrings is the dream of many ladies. Embodied into reality, it charms the owner with the beauty and brilliance of gems, with a sense of delight from owning such magnificence.

18kt Rose Gold Hoop Earrings 6.37ct Diamonds EAR-20700

It is not a simple matter to choose them and you should act responsibly. Diamond Source NYC is always ready to come to the rescue and help to choose Diamond Hoops Earrings, which are ideally suited for the future owner. In addition, making Custom Jewelry, our craftsmen will be able to realize a unique jewel that will emphasize the status of their mistress and her beauty. Putting on such Hoops, each lady somehow finds herself in a fairy tale where she turns into a queen.

Diamond Earrings: jewelry for all occasions

Even before the middle of the 20th century, there were certain rules regarding diamond jewelry. It’s worth to remark that they were quite tough. The first iridescent gem the girl received from the groom, who offering her hand and heart gave an engagement ring with a diamond. That’s why rings, Diamond Earrings, as well as other jewels with this gemstone, were intended exclusively for married ladies. Besides, to wear them until six o’clock in the evening was considered bad manners.

However, today we remember these traditions as anachronisms. Marilyn Monroe played a crucial role in the fate of gems. Just under her influence that jewelry with diamonds and among them Hoops, became available not only for respectable ladies, but also for self-sufficient young ladies. Among a large number of products for a longest time Diamond Hoops Earrings are still in a trend.

A simple, but expressive design jewel is perfect for working in the office; you just need to choose the right size. It remains relevant to the campaign on the youth party. Also, the Hoops will stylishly finish the evening dress, intended for going to the theater or to another solemn event.

White Gold Diamond Earrings EAR-171700
If you choose the Diamond Hoop Earrings correctly, you can greatly enhance the dignity of the appearance of the girl, and skillfully disguise the disadvantages. For this purpose you need properly pay attention to the width and diameter of the model you like, because:

  1. The miniature rings will better suit a young girl, becoming the perfect complement to the look in any style.
  2. For ladies with large face features, it is better to choose Diamond Hoops Earrings of medium or larger size.
  3. Chubby representatives of the fair sex are advised to opt for slightly elongated, oval rings, or jewels of small diameter.
  4. Long-necked beauties can wear large ear jewels in their ears — they only accentuate this area.
  5. And for those who, on the contrary, have a short neck, thin small congos are more suitable.

If a girl has the correct face oval, then she can wear any Diamond Hoops Earrings, relying solely on her taste.

14kt White Gold Hoop Earrings 4.50ct Diamonds EA-14565

Impeccability and perfection – this is exactly what perfectly characterizes Diamond Earrings. That is why Diamond Source NYC pays special attention to these jewels. Choosing it at our website, you will definitely find the option that will add the owner a feeling of confidence in her irresistibility. But, if among the proposed variations there is no suitable specimen, we will gladly take your Custom Order. And this chic accessory will certainly please the owner for many years.

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