Three-stone Engagement Ring is a choice inspired by love 💍💎💎💎

Three-stone Platinum engagement ring with 1.00ct Center Round Diamond ENG-25000

Three-stone Engagement Ring is a choice inspired by love. Engagement is not only the most romantic event in the life of couple in love. It is also the period of the beginning of preparation for the future wedding – the end of the carefree life, when you had to answer only for yourself. And if the wedding celebration is the event for all loved ones, then the engagement is deeply intimate event. The young man makes a proposal of marriage to the beloved one, opens his soul to her, makes the confession of love and declares that he wants to spend his whole life with her. The best final of this event will be putting on the finger of beloved girl of the engagement ring.

And if it is Three-stone Engagement Ring, her delight will be three times stronger. By contacting Diamond Source NYC, you can buy or order a piece of jewelry that will surely delight your girlfriend. Seeing it, she will melt and surely say these desired words: “I Do!”

Fantastic Three stone Engagement ring with center round cut diamond ENG-64000

Did you know the special meaning of three stones?

Fashion is changeable the lady. In other words she never stands still. However, this does not concern Three-stone Engagement Ring. Appearing at the beginning of the 20th century, this symbolic piece of jewelry does not come out from the tops even today. And all because the design of this diamond jewelry has a difficult meaning. The composition of three stones. What can it mean? Firstly the number “3” has a special meaning. For example, in Asia, from everlasting, it was considered as sacred, since it led to the origin of everything in the world, and also meant a family: husband, wife, child. Today there are at least three more versions:

  • The first is the presence of three main stages in the development of relations between lovers, namely: past, present and future;
  • The second is confession of love, for three stones are like three main words: “I love you”;
  • The third is the luck that the three-stone engagement ring, as the esoteric says, brings.

And besides, such diamond ring symbolizes the inviolability of intentions, the strength of relationships, and the purity of love.

Three-Stone Engagement Ring with Center 2.34ct Round Diamond RN-179300

Three Diamond Engagement Ring is a good sign

Diamond jewelry with three stones is undoubtedly a good sign. We often call it “trinity” or “trilogy”. Choosing three-stone engagement ring you should also determine the size of diamonds. For example, where the central stone is much larger than the other two, located on either side, are particularly popular.

Young people opt for interpretation of the “trilogy”

However, more and more often young people opt for the modern interpretation of the “trilogy”. Above all this refers to diamond ring, the stones in which are of the same size. Among other things, this means not only the constancy of feelings, but also faith in the limitless possibilities of the union capable of overcoming all adversities on the path of life.

Diamond Source NYC offers a wide range of such jewelry. We will help you to choose a unique diamond jewel just for your beloved. Therefore cooperating with us, you can get just such a jewelry that will meet all your fantasies.

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