Sidestone Engagement ring: perfect jewelry for all times

Glamor is always in fashion. And a fairer sex never forgets about it. That is why among different rings shining on ladies’ fingers jewelry given to loved ones. On the day when he offered his hand and heart occupies a special place. Often it becomes the first among diamond jewelry or other ornamental stones in the girl’s collection. However, this unique example is perfectly combined with other jewelries. At the same time, it looks harmonious as an independent jewelry

If you decided to buy jewelry you will see that engagement rings are becoming more popular. Among the huge number of variants, you can find at Diamond Source NYC website, engagement rings are becoming more popular. Initially symbolizing the beginning of family relationships, they are elegant and gentle. Being a traditional jewelry, it can appeal an explosion of delight in the girl for whom it is intended.

Ring Engagement 14k White Gold with 1.00ct Diamonds RIN-7500

Sidestone Engagement ring – is a classic, rightly called luxury. Surrounded by side ornamental stones, illuminating a shining aura, the central gem is fascinating by its glamour. Thanks to this tandem, its amazing brilliance is enhanced and spread by a multitude of spectacular rays. Having seen such engagement ring with side stones, she will definitely say: «Yes!».

Sidestone Engagement ring: how to choose the ring of the dream

Engagement ring with side stones it has long been a favorite among modern jewelry. Their range, presented by Diamond Source NYC allows you to find a unique decoration. Your chosen one will love it at first sight. It will resemble amazing moments of engagement and please her throughout family life.

Beautiful three stone diamond engagement ring with 0.97CT in the center RN-13500

At us you can choose sidestone engagement rings made of white, yellow, red or pink gold. Our customers can also choose a platinum sidestone engagement ring. Amazing diamonds give the symbolic jewelry true sophistication. For those who dream of emerald, blue or pink sapphires, beautiful aquamarine or unforgettable amethyst, in the huge assortment of Diamond Source NYC there are some special offers.

Depending on your desire of stylish preferences, you can choose sidestone engagement ring, where the stones are placed in one line or lined up in complex patterns. We are ready to offer jewelries in stunningly bold design, as well as vintage variants.

Exclusive 14k White Gold Engagement Ring w/ 2.50ct. Diamonds

If you don’t find sidestone engagement ring of your dream in our showroom, then our designers and jewelers are ready to fulfill your individual order. Such diamond jewelry can leave vivid memories about the moment when you make the most important and desirable proposal in life.

We buy jewelry in New York as well, so you can bring your diamonds or rings or luxury watches to us and we will give you the best price on market!

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